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Nick 08-23-2006 09:44 PM

New gravel....need some help -and new fish-
Hey everyone
Just got 45 pounds of gravel. I was just wondering the best way of putting it in the tank. And I'm leaving the fish in the tank. I have no way of putting them out. I was thinking of scooping the other gravel with a cup, in sections, and than replacing it with the new gravel. I have an undergravel filter in my tank. It would be a big hassle to take that out because the fish would still be in the tank. So my option is leaving that in there.

Also replaceed my other dead clown loach with the new one and he's floating ATM. I wanted to do a section right now before I put him in the tank.



Lupin 08-23-2006 10:06 PM

I have done it before. Just scoop all the old gravel. Then place the new ones in. Simple as that. Remove the UG filter I say. If it clogs, then more hassles come. It can also create anaerobic spots once it doesn't work.

Nick 08-23-2006 11:37 PM

Sorry blue...well i already did it and the UG filter is still there.....Procedure went well actually. Tank looks so good! I cant believe I did it...went threw bloody hell though! posting pic's right now under freshwater pic's

Oceane 08-24-2006 10:08 AM

Toobad, i agree with Blue UG does cause a build up of fish waste that can increase your Ph. Keen to see the pics though.

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