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kimowen04 09-18-2009 03:12 PM

whats this? and starting a reef??
10gal salt.
ive had my tank for id say at least like 10m now. i have like 10lbs LR and 20lbs LS, im getting a new filter w a skimmer in it too its uhh. .JEBO 178 AQUARIUM TANK HANG-ON PROTEIN SKIMMER FILTER, with a 170gph pw head and a heater, i have a 50/50 coralife actinic/daylight bulb 15 watt

1 clown, 2 hermits,3 snails, 1 serpent star

for awhile now ive noticed some polyp like looking stuff growing? ive never had corals and dont know much about them, but i want to start keeping them. im thinking these are some type of polyp or zoan? idk? small redish brown. and i also have a TON of white feathery ones that look a bit diff and have popped up everywhere even on the glass, its like longer tube with the flowery polyp on the end that opens and closes? what are these? and i now a bunch of tiny tiny white star fish that look like my serp star but are all white and extremely small like the biggest being a half inch maybe and thats with the legs all stretched out!

i really would like to know what types of hardy beginner corals i should start with and what i would need to maintain them? please get back with me. i will have my new filter here like wed from ebay! my old small simple filter died!
help me out????????

Kellsindell 09-18-2009 10:34 PM

I'm not too familiar with that filter so i can't properly give you any information on it... as for the corals. Zoanthids or Zoas, or Paly's are probably what you have. The white that are everywhere are going to be seafans and the seastars are indeed serpent stars and are very common and benificial to the tank. You need flow and lighting to keep corals happy, but knowing some of the simple rules are generally good enough for most, but there are corals that fall outside of the normal spectrum. Since this will be your first endevor into corals, i would say start with soft corals. Then as time progresses everyone will equate to LPS and then SPS. I personally keep SPS, LPS and some Soft corals. I use Metal Halides with actinic supplementation. What kind of lights do you have and what do you have for flow... other then the filter?

kimowen04 09-27-2009 10:52 AM

i now have a jebo 178 with protein skimmer in it its a HOB filter up to 30 gal! brand new! and then i have a 170gph power head! lots of flow for my small 10 gal!
my light is a 50/50 coralife daylight and actinic bulb i think.

just took a test

no3 80-160 and thats because my old filter stopped working and i jsut put in the new one and i need a water change!!
no2 0
alk 300ppm
ph 7.8-8.4

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