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Barry gibb 10-25-2013 08:14 AM

Fresh start in the 579ltr
So ive been keeping fish now for a while and snapped up a 6ft custom build aqarium and light gantry and some bits and bobs, all brand new never used. i got it all for the time it took me to prep and varnish a bedroom floor, so a great bargain about half a shift for this dream set up. So what have i got and whats liveing in it.
1850mm x 550mm x 550mm 12mm glass.
1400lph sunsun external. 1200lph diy 3ft cannister
1000ltr diy water polisher
2x 300w heaters 27oc
3x 150w mecury vapour
2x 54w 5ft strip bio moonlights
4x 7bulb blue LED
85kg playsand
15kg capped with used silca sand
Mopni wood, bogwood, coconut caves, slate, rock
Stripped out snd starting again so for now av got swords, rose, echindouris and some grass and vallis

The fish
10x neon tetra
6x sterbi cory
4x angels
4x swordtails
4x german blue rams
2x apistograma a. Agrazi
3x mollys
3x guppy
2x bronze cory
2x m/f neon dwarf gourami
Army of mts
1x red breasted acara
And a patrage in a pair tree...
So like the tittle says a fresh start, av ripped all the plants out and used to have a 3ft 3d back drop and 2ft side drop, but that was a algae magnet and after a year of bearing with it, it had to go. Got control over the algae now with extra external and a water polisher to catch any spours.

Next steps moven on from theses smaller fish, i wiuld like to build a scape to sout discus maybe just a pair plus most of my fush i keep just now, looking for good tips on the way but for now lets get this started!!!

willow 10-25-2013 09:18 AM

wow ! it's soooo lovely ! the wood work is tidy,and works being spaced the
way it is.

Barry gibb 10-25-2013 12:56 PM

Thanks willow this is how it ended up looking that long night i stripped it back, added a few caves, the hard scape so to speak, still a long way to go, will try find some old planted pictures, as it stands theres alot of free space still in the tank so will look at some taller plants to break up this big tank.

willow 10-25-2013 04:34 PM

the tank looks so lovely and bright,taller plants..yes they would look nice too
what's the little plant in front of the wood on the left hand side ?

Barry gibb 10-25-2013 07:11 PM

The first and last pictures are of the same plant if thats the one your talking about, that plants Lobelia
If its picture 3 then its Bacopa Caroliniana
Am glad you like my tank mate

dramaqueen 10-28-2013 04:33 PM

Nice tank and plants.

Barry gibb 11-03-2013 09:21 AM

So heres a wee update on the tank its been two weeks since i ripped out the plants snd 3d back drop, my plants are comeing along nicely, the dwarf grass has started spreading a few inches are the bulk of grass, and the bacopa is growing fast as well so will be thinning her out shortly. The bacopa and grass caves are taken shape.

i added a few more rocks and caves, and made a plastic current breaker for my gourami whos trying to make bubble nests but failling, this should help he's been over a few time for a look.
The 3ft cannister fillter i made about a month old should be mature shortly so my aqarium should be ready for a discus shortly, but for now i've got my eye on a pair of Apistogramma a. Eremnopyge.(strewberry) and a pair of apistogramma a. sp. abacaxis. There comeing this week so going to plant up a little more.

A. Eremnopyge

A. Sp abacaxis

Where my aqarium is sitting, in a cove in the wall, am planning to put a frame around the sides and put a roller blind up, blacking it alll out, i plan to raise the lighting unit to the ceilling about 5ft above the aqarium and add some shelfing around the walls above the aqarium. From here i plant to grow some vegg, putting these huge lights to use, i've cloned a cherry tomato plant and put it in a net pot above my air stone and heres the results, she will be put in some sort of lava rock filter systen i will make shortly, again this should make my water nutrient free and algae free

Cherry tom

Any tips fire away!!!

Agent13 11-04-2013 06:20 PM

OMG.. I think we have exactly the same mix of angels...EXACTLY( I count 5 unless that last pic was a reflection of the scalare//1 platinum, 2 koi, & 2 scalare , no?) ! But other then're tank is so so so pretty ! Awesome job. I hope I do my upgrade more organized looking like this tank.

Chesh 11-05-2013 05:32 PM

*swoons for Apistos*

Off to a great (fresh) start! I can't WAIT to see this setup grow!!!
Really wishing I had a handy little (BIG!) alcove to tuck a tank of this size into! I love it!!!
Looks like you're going to have a LOT of tomatoes!!!
Please keep us up-to-date on how this one develops! ^_^

Barry gibb 11-06-2013 03:57 AM

Intresting agent13 ,
I was all ways under the imprestion they were golden vailtails or panda, i do have two platinium but the big fella died, got a swollen eye then next day gone, maybe i bashed him while redecorateing, the other platinium who stunted at a very small size was getting bulled by the to slightly bigger at the time Altums. So the wee felka lives in the nano 3g, with the spotty snails and the mts, he seams happy.

I realy just throw this together one early morning after a long rip out and clean up, theres s few said its well set out.... Must just have an eye for it,lol

Thanks chesh,
Am aiming for the next step up in fish keeping, rare species , trying new modern ways of fishkeeping, building externals, makeing water polisher uv sterlizing a different look on tropics, a read a little sbout aquaponics so it seam easy enoug, just need to give it a bash. The toms are flowering now so tomd in s couple week. I fed the greenhouse the water from waterchanges as well and we had s good season in that this year.

Heres a closer look at the angels, whats the pros thinking, a sex would be good as well,.

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