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Memo 09-17-2009 10:53 PM

how many glofish can i keep in a 1 gallon tank?
when i first got my betta i kept him in a 1 gallon tank. i ended moving him to a larger tank. after a while it seemed a shame not to use the 1 gallon tank for something. my daughter picked out 2 glofish. i LOVE them!!! they are so neat to watch. it seems like too small of a tank to add anymore, but someone told me they like be in groups, and that space isn't too big of a deal. i thought i would come here and ask, because i trust the advice i get here more than the average person.

Calmwaters 09-18-2009 07:56 AM

In my opinion 1 gallon is to small for 1 Glofish much less 2. I have 4 Glofish and they are active and need more room to move around than what you are giving them. I have them in a 10 gallon tank with couple other fish. I think they are beautiul exspecially at night when I have the moon lights on that is when they really glow.

Memo 09-19-2009 09:51 PM

thank you. it will have to wait a couple weeks till i can afford a new tank then.

Calmwaters 09-21-2009 07:55 AM

If you check on craigslist and local papers sometimes you can find a good deal on there. I got a 44 gallon corner tank for $100.00 it had the lights a stand and heater with it. Also if you have a petsmart near you they have setups with light, filter, tank, and heater for a 10 gallon for I think for around $50.00 if you get one of these I would suggest getting rid of the light bulbs it comes with and getting some of the screw in flourestent bulbs they do not heat the water and the color of the fish will look much better. I would also suggest with time that you get the LED lights that are blue it looks like moon light and the glofish look awsome in it. ;-) Good luck and enjoy your fish.

Memo 09-28-2009 12:27 AM

thanks, i will keep the lighting in mind. i live in a small town.. which is the largest town for hours. we have 2 small pet stores and walmart. i already checked out freecycle just in case someone there had a 10-25 gallon. i haven't checked craigslists. i think one of the pet stores sells used tanks, so i want to get over there and see how much they want for those. this is the 2nd time i have listened to someone in a petstore and regretted it. from now on i will just have to research things online instead of seeking their advice. he knew it was a new tank and didn't say anything about them needing to be in a group of 6 or more. he also knew it was a 1 gallon, sold me a heater that is a pain to keep steady since it is not meant for a 1 gallon. didn't say a word about that not being enough room. he should have suggested something that would fit in my tank, since i was asking questions and seeking advice.

ok, i am done venting for now. i am hoping to find a reasonable 20 gallon so that i can get 4 more glofish and 6 neon tetras. i just love watching them, and my daughter gets a big kick out of them. she is the one responsible for remembering to feed her fish... she has never forgotten. she worries about them and checks on them. she sings them songs and tells them stories. so it has been a good learning experience for her.

question... do they have to have a cover on the tank, or could i just use a clip on light?

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