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ckmclements 01-30-2007 10:08 PM

Nitrite issue
I am having a problem with high nitrites in my tank that I can't quite seem to get under control, and also my water looks a bit cloudy. Here are the facts of the tank:

I have a 26-gallon freshwater aquarium, no live plants, which has been running for a bit over a month now. In the aquarium are one yo-yo loach, 2 red wag swordtails, 2 silver lyretail mollies, a salt-and-pepper looking molly, an unidenified yellow molly, 3 random platies, 2 dwarf blue gouramis, and 5 red eye tetras. No CO2 unit, no natural sunlight at any point during the day that I'm aware of, fluroescent light for about 6-7 hours a day, 50% water change last Friday (we water change weekly every Friday), with appropriate amount of aquarium salt added. They are fed pellet food, and about 1/3 of an algae wafer for the yo-yo loach each day, am using a Whisper Power Filter 30. We put a new filter in this afternoon, and also a hard water softening pillow in the filter.

Any help would be appreciated, because we have GOT to get that nitrite level down. Thanks!

FDStation152 01-30-2007 10:15 PM

Well the problem seems to be with cycling the tank or lack thereof. Have the fish been in the tank the whole time? If not when were they added? Were they all added at once? Did you change out the entire filter including the sponge or just the carbon? There should be no nitrites reading in a properly cycled tank. How high are they anyway and what are the other water parameters? And why are you using the water softening pillow (which exchanges calcium/magnesium ions for sodium ions I believe)? Most fish that dislike hard water also dislike sodium. While that sized tank could support that fish load provided that proper filtration was in place and water was changed regularly I suspect that you added the fish way too quickly (either before the tank had cycled or you greatly increased the fish load in a short time frame). I'm sorry there are so many questions but a lot more information is needed in this situation.

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