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islandtime0317 10-23-2013 05:36 PM

HELP with plants / algae problem
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Hey all!

I am new to this forum, and looking for some advice on two aquariums I have.

First, I have a 20g tall tank. It has been set up for over a year now. As of about 2 months ago, I switched out my gravel with flourite substrate and added a dual T5HO hood light (I believe the bulbs I have in it are a ZooMed aquasun and floramax). The temperature stays around a constant 78 degrees. The lights are on around 10h a day. I have a variety of live plants... some swords, anubias nana, a red plant (dont know name), and possibly moneywort?. I have 7 guppies, 2 platies, 2 mollies, 2 pleco, and 1 cory in this tank.

Looking for suggestions as far as if this is a proper light for this tank and type of plants I have. The light sits right on top, so maybe a max of 2 in above the water. I'm assuming this is high light. I do not dose CO2.
Any suggestions if this light is ok for what I have? Are there certain plants I should be looking for?

Second, I have a 10g divided tank for my 2 baby betta fish. It has the standard flourescent hood, heater, and filter. It also has some live plants. The temperature remains around 75 degrees. I also have 2 otocinus (one on each side). I am having a very hard time with algae in this tank... both brown and bright blue/green. Any suggestions? I've tried algaequel with no luck.

Any advice on both tanks would be appreciated! And any "relandscaping" ideas / setup ideas are welcome!

The first pic is my 20g. The second is my 10g.

Boredomb 10-23-2013 06:10 PM

Hi and welcome to the forum!

On the first tank light is probably in the high light range depending on the type of fixture you have. As what plants you have now they should be fine. Tho watch the Anubias as they generally don't like too much light. Tho I know some ppl have them in high tech tanks soo the added Co2 might help them be okay with the light? As for what plants you can have as long as they don't require dosing Co2 you shouldnt have a problem with them in this tank.
An eye out for aglae in this tank due to the bright lights being on for 10 hours. Do dose any fertilizers in this tank?

On the second tank how long has this tank been setup? The blue green algae slimy? Is it cyanobacteria? Is it just on one side of the tank or all over?? The brown algae does it wipe off easily??

islandtime0317 10-23-2013 07:49 PM

The fixture on the 20g is a dual T5HO hood. I have API CO2 booster and API leaf zone plant food. Haven't been using them tho.

On my 10g, the blue green algae or cyanobacteria is on both sides, all over the tank. It is not slimy to the touch. The brown algae wipes off very easily. The tank has been set up for at least 2 months now.


Boredomb 10-23-2013 09:02 PM

Plants need 17 different nutrients to grow. API leaf zone has just two of those by the way. It any of these are not in supply the plants can shut down to growing very slowly or not at all. When this happens algae can come into play. It can thrive off of very little and utilize the light and take over. The brown algae sounds like diatoms to me that's common in new setups and should go away on its own but the blue green algae is something totally different. The only blue green algae I know of is cyanobacteria. Some can correct me if I am wrong here. Usually this bacteria can form when water conditions are right due to high organics in the water. It will thrive off it. What is your maintenance like in this tank?

islandtime0317 10-23-2013 10:03 PM

Right now the maintenance is pretty hight with this tank. 20%-50% water changes every 3 days. I was told since the bettas are babies, they release a growth stunting hormone so frequent water changes are necessary to allow them to grow to full size. I am planning on adding flourite substrate to this setup in the near future... maybe that will help?

beaslbob 10-25-2013 02:12 PM


they look pretty good to me.

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