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MoneyMitch 09-14-2009 09:55 PM

dogs and aquariums
so ive had my tank set up now for about a month and just got some fish in it last night. ever since we have put those fish in there my dog is glues to the tank and wont move for anything, just curoius if anyone elses dog does this lol hes more into it than i am!! lololol

eileen 09-14-2009 10:09 PM

My daughter cat sits on a chair in front of my 55 gal. tank and is fasinated by the fish swimming by. My large 6" angelfish just sits in the front of the tank and watches the cat also. The cat even paws at the tanks glass at the fish in the front. i don't know why a dog would not find it fasinating also. I have a bubbler on both side of my tank also and a uv/clarifyer that blows a current in the long val. pants and they move around. I think it is cute.

MoneyMitch 09-14-2009 10:21 PM

haha thats cool, my dog will like growl and whine at them and the fish just sit there and i guess you could say are taunting him lol its great to watch it go back and forth.

buzz4520 09-14-2009 10:50 PM

that's too cute money...the only time my dogs were ever curoius about the fish is when we moved a few months ago and was putting the fish in tubs for transport.

aunt kymmie 09-14-2009 11:05 PM

My dogs could care less but I love watching the cat paw at the tank. As for my parrot, I had him sitting on my shoulder once as I walked up to the tank. He freaked out. He started furiously flapping his wings and clutched onto my shoulder (ouch, sharp claws) as if his life depended on it. That was the last time I did that.

eileen 09-14-2009 11:08 PM

You should tape your dog and put that on U-TUBE post it here also so we can see it. Maybe you can send it to Americas Funny Videos and get on T.V.

MoneyMitch 09-14-2009 11:28 PM

hahah ill get a vid of it next time i feed, thats when he really gets vocal about the fish in there hahaha

Calmwaters 09-15-2009 08:07 AM

My cat loves to sit on the back of the sofa and watch the bubbles in the new tank there are only 3 Cory cats right now and they are real small so I am curious to see what he will do when there are actually fish he can see. At night before bed he will sit on the shelve beside my 10 gallon in my bedroom and watch them swim after I feed them. As far as my dogs they get excited when I am giving an alge wafer to the Oto in my 10 gall because its in a bag and crinkles so they think they are getting a treat. LOL They look so pittyful when I don't give them anything. LOL

Ramenuzumaki 09-15-2009 12:57 PM

my cat will sit next to my 20 gal and tries to catch the fish
i hafta shoo him away sometimes cuz the table the aquarium is on will shake sometimes
he's very violent

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