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Calmwaters 09-14-2009 03:22 PM

Stock list for 44 gallon....
First I want to thank the very intelligent 1077 and Byron for helping me out. They are two of the many on here that really know there stuff you guys are great.:welldone:Anyway here is what I am think for my 44 gallon I got this weekend after it cycles I will add one type of fish at a time with a week or two in between as long as water parimeters stay find. Please let me know what all of you think if there is a breed you would or would not put or anything you would change.
Here goes:
3 Cory Cats
4 Dwarf Gourami
4 Honey Sunset Gourami
6 Harlequin Rasbora Tetra
6 Black Skirt Tetra
6 Buenos Aires Tetra
So what do you guys think? Is it ok or is it to many fish?

redlessi 09-14-2009 03:26 PM

I am so happy for you that you are getting a bigger thank. Now for the not so happy part, I am not certain but that sure looks like a lot of fish for a 44 gallon tank. Hopefully someone will come along with more information.

Good Luck with the tank as I saw your other one and it is beautiful.

Calmwaters 09-14-2009 03:37 PM

Thank you Red. If I need to adjust the amount of fish its no problem. I could maybe do with out either the Buenos Aires or the Black Skirt all though it would be hard to choose between the two. LOL

catfishtabbi 09-14-2009 04:24 PM

Very risky gourami stock most reccommend one male per tank however most of us with planted tanks cheat. Do your research on gouramis and decide which one/omes you must have and repost. I have peaceful tempered gouramis that just get along maybe because i have alot of plants. I would feel safe to say that a powder blue dwarf and a honey will probably be great togetheer.Buenos aries eat plants and overwhelm slower moving fish, i find them obnovious.

NC Frank 09-14-2009 06:18 PM

I would keep everything you have but ditch the gouramis. You can have 1 and maybe one other fish that size with him. Depending on how much maitenance you plan on doing you shouldn't be overstocked if you stick to the tetras and 1 gourami.

Calmwaters 09-15-2009 08:18 AM

I do weekly PWC and gravel vacumming. I don't have real plants so I am not worried about them getting eaten. What if I do 1 male and the other 3 female gourami or would all female be better? The dwarf gourami I have kept before in a well planted (fake plant) tank and they did fine there was 2 of them in a 20 gallon long tank not sure if they were male or female though. I just really like the way they look and they only get to be about 2 inches. If they are a really a bad idea suggest to me something that is colorful and about the same size that would work.

willieturnip 09-15-2009 07:56 PM

Rams! You could keep a fair few in that sized tank and they look brilliant! The black skirts would make perfect dithers too.

Calmwaters 09-16-2009 08:29 AM

Willie I agree that the Rams are beautiful but the need a lower Ph than what I can give them. But thank you for the suggestion.

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