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Romad 09-13-2009 08:12 PM

My first case of ICH???
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Hi all,

My Betta has some white small spots near his face that weren't there yesterday. I did notice a white spot on his fins as well but can't for the life of me get him to slow down for a decent picture.

I've been on Google images and read the disease stickys on this forum. I'm not sure if it's ICH bc the pictures of ICH look like smaller dots. However, I can't identify another disease that looks like what he has. The scales in the area of the patches look slightly raised up. No fuzziness or stringiness and he's not behaving any differently than his usual show-off self.

I just tested the water. Everything perfect except for Nitrates which are around 20. I was just going to do my weekly water change when I noticed the spots so now I'm not sure whether I should change any water or not.


This was the only picture we could get of him that wasn't a complete blur (and we've been trying for almost an hour.

Any help in identifying will be greatly appreciated.

GOURAMIKEEPER83 09-14-2009 09:12 AM

I believe he might be going through a lot of stress with the Nitrates being that high. You might want to perform a water change to aid to lower your nitrates.

Romad 09-14-2009 09:45 AM

He doesn't have the usual symptoms Nitrate/Ammonia poisoning.

Now I'm wondering if he just injured himself somehow. I'm really stumped on this one. The spots look a little larger than what classic Ich looks like and the scales are slightly raised but not "pine-coning" like dropsy symptoms.

Guess I'll just have to kee a close eye on him. He's scheduled for a water change tonight. Like I stated in my orig. post, I was all set to do yesterday - saw that - freaked out.


MoneyMitch 09-15-2009 09:16 PM

i cant really make out and of the stuff around his face your talking about. i think easyiest thing for you to do BEFORE you start to treat anything is look up some pics of ick on google and compare them then go on what you think is best.

aunt kymmie 09-15-2009 11:08 PM

In my experience nothing helps more than water changes. I wouldn't use any medication until you're absolutely sure what it is. Your best bet in the meantime is to step up your water changes. How often do you normally perform them? Once one of my barbs had a "fuzzy" nose. It almost looked like fluff peeling off on his nose. Not sure if he hit himself against something in the tank during one of his torpedo like bursts and it became infected but I did w/c's twice a week instead of my usual once a week. His nose was healed in seven days.

Romad 09-16-2009 05:35 AM

Thanks Kymmie,

I usually do weekly water changes but will step it up for now.

The owner of my LFS gave me Rid-ICH because he siad that even if it wasn't Ich, it won't hurt my fish to treat him. I didn't want to stress the fish out or injure him further by netting him and bringing him to the LFS.

I really don't likethe idea but I did give the tank a half dose as a precaution. I'm also increasing the temp. one degree at a time.

My two cories in the tank don't seem to have any spots on them. My betta does love to hide and chase them around occasionally so I'm hoping he injured himself a little while playing,

I wish fish could talk!

Calmwaters 09-16-2009 08:39 AM

I don't have anything to add Kimme gave you good advise. I hope your little guy is fine.

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