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MoneyMitch 09-13-2009 08:49 PM

New Arrivals
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just got back from the store, the tank hasn't cycled or anything yet. just went and picked up some electric blue johanni's and yellow labidochromis (African cichlids) just started acclimating them to the water for now but thought id share the intro with yall~

hears some pics

Attachment 3883

Attachment 3884

so i just got these guys in the tank while the attachments were uploading when should i feed them?

joshheat25 09-13-2009 08:51 PM

you probobly know this but, be careful not to overfeed them. I know for a fact that I overfed my New Guppies. because there was alot of food particles all over the bottom of the tank. probobly causing thier demise. Nice looking fish. What size tank are they going into?

Twistersmom 09-13-2009 09:02 PM

I would wait until tomorrow to feed. If you turn the tank light out, it will help them feel more relaxed.
Pretty fish!

MoneyMitch 09-13-2009 09:06 PM

thanks, yeah i turned it on just to get photos its off till tomm. in about a week or so ima grab some more africans, oo yeah i also saw one of those earth eater cichlids, the guy said he advises agianst me getting them since the africans are pretty aggressive and the earth eater is from a diffrent part of the world. he did say though some poeple get lucy and can mix diffrent types of cichlids with eachother it just depends on layout and sizes of the fish.

its a 55 click my aquariums for some tank shots P.S i posted on ur guppy thread ;)

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