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EmoJellyfish 09-12-2009 08:37 AM

Goldfish Experiment in Biology
We are doing an experiment in my Biology class next week. We are to count the amount of times the Goldfish opens and closes its mouth in one mintute and the amount of time the Goldfish opens and closes its gills in one mintute. Then the small beaker this fish is in (it's a cylinder, but the best way I could desribe the size is a baseball.) is to be placed inside of another beaker that is full of crushed ice and lower the temperature ten degrees celcius. (or to ten degrees celcius, I couldn't haer properly.) I refuse to participate in this experiment, and am e-mailing him right now in hopes of an alternate assignment. He may not stop the experiment, but I will not contribute to this. These are Common Goldfish, and I'm sure he purchased them for a nickel a piece from the feeder fish tank.

So far in the e-mail I have gone over the following:
Lack of Stomachs
Tank Size
Full-Grown Size
Why they are kept in small bowls

I would like to still cover the following:
Testing the Water
No Planted Tanks

Can anyone think of anything else I should add, or did I pretty much get everything? Any help in this would be appreciated.


volkspider 09-14-2009 09:35 PM

Why does he need to know about partial water changes if the fish are only being used for one experiment? Can't the fish be returned to the LFS after a day or two? Granted, the temperature swing can't be good for them, but it's probably survivable.

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