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Calmwaters 09-08-2009 08:40 AM

Is this ok or am I over stocked....
In my 10 gal tank I have 2 female/1 male Sunburst Wag Platy, 1 female/1 male swordtail, 3 cory cats. I had a Betta but he passed away. I checked the water and all levels are fine I guess it was just his time to go. :-( He was a little deformed in that his body was not streight like most bettas it had a curve to it almost like he had a sideways hump back.

Kindest Regards,

aunt kymmie 09-08-2009 08:56 AM

What species of cory are you keeping? If they are of the larger variety you may be pushing your stocking limits.
Sorry about your betta :-(

Calmwaters 09-08-2009 10:07 AM

They are the small ones they only grow to about 2 inches or so. I have 2 white spotted ones and one grey spotted one. I could move one of them in to the tank I have at home if I need to. It only has a male/female guppy, 4 glofish, and a small alge eater, its not one of the ones that get big I can't remember the name though. Thanks for all your help.

Kindest Regards,


aunt kymmie 09-08-2009 10:12 AM

I'd leave the cories right where they are. They prefer to be in groups to be comfortable and thrive and IMHO three is the absolute minimum when keeping cories. I'd say if you keep up faithfully on your water changes (once a week) you should be fine. Seeing that you also keep live bearers a whole lot of babies could also contribute to overstocking. I don't know much about live bearers. If platy & sword fry don't have a good area to hide out in don't the adults consume their own fry? :-?

Calmwaters 09-08-2009 10:22 AM

Yes they will eat there own babys I have lots of plants that will be going in the tank as soon as I get them in the mail (I bought them on ebay should be here tomorrow or the next day) I plan on purchaseing a 55 gall tank with in the next month and these guys will probably be going in there once its up and running andd I will get some neons for the office tank. I had just the one cory cat but then read on here they like to be in groups of 3 or more so I went to get him some friends. LOL Thank you for your help.

Kindest Regards,

aunt kymmie 09-08-2009 10:33 AM

a 55gl? How exciting!
Would love to see some pics of your tanks. Will you post some? :)

Calmwaters 09-08-2009 10:44 AM

Sure I will get some in the next few minutes and post them I have a few I took yesterday and this morning on the camera just have to get them on here. There nothing fancy but I enjoy them.

Kindest Regards,

Calmwaters 09-08-2009 11:07 AM

Would you rather I post them here or put them under my aquariums on my profile? I am uploading them to photobucket right now.


aunt kymmie 09-08-2009 06:00 PM

I'd post them both places. ;-)

Calmwaters 09-09-2009 09:22 AM

Hi Kymmie,

The pictures are in my profile if you would like to take a look at them.

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