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lilalancarey 09-05-2009 04:48 AM

lighting a 46g bowfront
my tf light ballast is busted from my light falling into my tank on more than one occasion..... (very very stupid mistakes that i will never let hapen again, but anyway...) i plan on getting a Nova extreme pro 75 HO. this will be sufficient enough for pretty much anything i could possibly want coral/clams right? and it has 6 slots for lights, i was thinking, putting 3 blue as moonlights, and 3 regular white lights (not sure which ?000k yet though.)

im a lighting noob, so ANY and every piece of information you can provide is greatly appreciated

lilalancarey 09-05-2009 05:11 AM


Current USA, 24" Outer Orbit 1x150 watt 10K HQI-MH w/2x65w PC Dual Actinics & 4 Lunar Lights

think im going to get that instead. its ALL in one. plus i really want the moonlights =]

how does that compare to other lightings?

i think it will be great for everything i want (i want everything) lol

is there anything i wouldnt be able to keep with it?

(i keep my tank VERY stable and am very good at upkeeping the health of my tanks so no worries there)

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