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fastfinisher44 09-04-2009 03:57 PM

Help Setup a Live planted 55
How difficult is it to maintain a live planted 55 and what equipment do I need, and how can I do it on the cheap?:-P

MoneyMitch 09-07-2009 10:22 PM

well as far as cheapness factor goes DIY. you need GOOD LIGHTS prefrably 2 watts per gallon and lights that are high in blue spectrim and red. you want to aim for a kelven rating around 6700 (the brightness of the sun) 5500 kelvin is as low as you want to go. your also going to need some ferts for your heavy feeders and your going to want to stay away from certain fish since some of them like to much on plants. im sure there will be more people to comment on this but this is the best crash course i can gater for ya, Money

Herky 09-07-2009 10:27 PM

I'll let you know once I get mine set up....

But really, lighting has to be considered as well as what fish you have with what plants, like money said. Many of the successful plant keepers on here go for setups that keep it simple. Good lighting, liquid and tab fertilizers and that's the whole show. As for me, I'm ordering a plant package online that simulates my fish's (angels and discus) natural environment. To me, it seems easier to let somebody else do the guesswork and mix and match what plants you need for what fish. It's probably more expensive than choosing your own from a store, but I like the convenience.

aunt kymmie 09-07-2009 11:31 PM

I agree. I love a planted tank but the last thing I have time for is high tech, not to mention that pressurized Co2 has me baffled. I'd never figure out how to put the equipment together and keep it running. I'm technically challenged and can never even figure out how to get my lawnmower started :-(
I went with CF lighting, 6700 K, approx. 2 WPG, timers on a 12 hr on/12 hr off schedule. I dose with Flourish, Flourish Excel and use root tabs. I have an array of plants and so far the only ones I haven't been able to grow are plants that have alot of red coloring to them. The reds require C02 and high wattage. Even stem plants, which I've heard can be difficult, I've had no problem with. Once you learn how to prune & propagate correctly you'll get a jungle in no time. :-)

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