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yippee 09-03-2009 01:55 AM

Black-Banded Leporinus
Has anybody actually kept these and/or have experience with them? I've heard some people say they stay around 8 inches in captivity, others claim over a foot. I've heard they are peaceful, all the way to eating everything in the tank. Just curious what everyone's personal opinions were. If i were to get one it would be with cories and tiger barbs, so i need to make sure they won't eat either of those.

One of the LFS had one for a while and said they would do great with barbs, so i dont know.

mollies 09-03-2009 04:42 AM

OK for starters i have 3 of them one that is 3 months old and already 10 inch. the other 2 i just got 3 days ago. They are in my opinion alrite fish. I like them...... But if it could fit in there mouth they eat it. mollie fry 2 weeks or younger. There mouths arnt very big. I would say yes they would go with the your fish. But monitor very closesly. They are fin nippers as they get bigger. I have the big one in a 55 with 4x 5inch cich. and a 1.5 inch and 3 inch cich. and 2x 3inch clown lochs. The babys are in with my mollies fry in a 75 gallon. The bigger the tank the faster they grow and the bigger they get. They mainly eat vegy and flakes as babys but the big one eats shrimp pellets and algie wafers. I hope that helps. You should get one the are realy cool to watch as they swim around. I think you would like them.

yippee 09-04-2009 01:39 AM

So Have they tried to eat anything larger than the fry? They haven't tried eating the molly parents?

They will be going in a 240 gallon tank, so i assume they'd get full grown. Ive seen sources say they get 12 inches in the wild, if that is true i don't think they could get over that in the aquarium, right? As long as they won't eat my fish i'd like to try one out.

mollies 09-04-2009 03:47 AM

I would recomend that you get 2 of them. No they couldnt fit a mollie in there mouth as an adult. I heard they could get up to 18 to 20 inchs in the wild. Mine is just 3 months and already 10 to 11 inchs. I would get them if i were you. Dose your lfs have any in? It took my lfs 3 months to get more in. They were back orderd that long, none of the supplyers had them. So he went ahead and orderd 12 of them.I went up there today and he had 10 left. So dumby me bought all 10 for 50 bucks. Thats farly cheap. But i have a 150 im going to put just them in. My lfs said if i could rais the he would buy them form me so i gusse its on to breeding more fish...LOL Also befor i forget they are nacturnal. They like to hide in caves and under lace rock , drift wook, ect. They like ther vegys. If you get one you should keep us posted and let us know how you like them and how they do. How many fish do you have inyour tank. and what kind?

Goody 09-04-2009 09:52 AM

Sounds like a cool fish

Byron 09-04-2009 11:55 AM

I commented on this fish in a thread a short while back, can't find it now so here's a summary.

There are two very close species, Leprinus affinis and Leporinus fasciatus fasciatus. At first glance they appear identical, but the former has nine instead of ten cross bands and the caudal fin has rounded tips; also, the throat of L. fasciatus fasciatus is brick red in colour. L. affinis grows to 10 inches, the other to 12 inches. Both are avid plant eaters, so don't have them in a planted tank unless you want all the plants to be eaten in short order.

L. fasciatus fasciatus is a fin nipper of its own species, but otherwise considered peaceful. There are four, possibly five, sub-species.


mollies 09-04-2009 02:02 PM

WOW I have the leprinus fasciatus. they do nip fins on any thing that gets close to there hid out. and there own kind i dont know bout yet until they get to adult hood. Byron i have a question for you do you know if they can be breed in cap?

Byron 09-05-2009 12:09 PM


Originally Posted by mollies (Post 238221)
WOW I have the leprinus fasciatus. they do nip fins on any thing that gets close to there hid out. and there own kind i dont know bout yet until they get to adult hood. Byron i have a question for you do you know if they can be breed in cap?

Having researched this fish when I have seen them and learned their behaviours and size, etc., I have personally never maintained them as I don't have large enough tanks to commit to one species, beautiful and interesting as they are. According to the sources I have accessed, there are no reports of successful spawning in captivity.

A couple of other things I came across, they are good jumpers so the tank must be covered at all times. And, they have been known to take delight in sneaking up and fin nipping slower fish, so not good company for sedate fish like angels.


yippee 09-08-2009 01:54 AM

Unfortunately, due to the plant eating behavior, they will not be in my tank. The tank i was hoping to have them in will be heavily planted, so that will not work.

mollies 09-08-2009 10:10 PM

yippe i have live plants in my tank with the leps and they havent toched them yet. i do use dry seaweed and cucumbers tho. so that way they dont eat the plants.

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