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goldfish98 10-12-2013 10:06 AM

I need more information about Marigold Wag Swordtails and Hi Fin Platys
I recently bought one of each and I would like more information about them. Like, what kind of fish can they be with, how much should I feed them, what tank size, ect.

henningc 10-13-2013 01:35 AM

OK, you did not say what size tank they are in, always state that in the future as it can make or break advice. Tank size, tanks mates and genders are going to all play a role here.

First, if both your fish are males there will be no chance of cross breeding and that is a good thing. If they are females multiple other livebearers can breed with them. Bottom line, if you like the adults don't interbreed them. Keep in mind they will eat fry theirs and everyone elses and eggs.

Swords seem to have lost popularity over the years, still they are one of my favorite fish to work with. Most people don't know that the adult swords you get at the store are half the normal size they should be given appropriate conditions. A 4" adult is standard for commercial breeding. Platys follow the same rule as swords only a 2 1/2" adult is max. If you want outstanding size fish, get a 20L tank and raise 6-8 sword or platy fry starting with brine shrimp and you will be stunned in about three months when the fry are surpassing their parents size. For groups of swords say 4-6 adults a 20gal is the smallest tank to house them correctly. I'd go with a 30L-55gal. In a 55gal you can house 8-10 easily. Platys, a 20gal tank works for groups of 6-10 max. I'l go with a 20L or larger and remeber all tanks are only as good as the floor space. The also enjoy plants real or plastic. Both types of fish do great in kiddie pools outside int the summer time.

Sword and Platys need a green portion to their diet. Spirulina is a great food and there are many flake foods that contain it. They will eat algea as well. Both types love live food like baby brine shrimp and mosquito larva. I feed mine 3-4 times daily in small portions. For flake food what ever they can clean up in 2-2 1/2 min. As with any fish that eats veggies, both types have large bioloads for their size, they poop at lot! Good filtration is a must. Be careful, they don't like to live in current rather stil waters.

Both types of fish like to have some salt content to the water, say a tbs of salt per 5gal. Be careful, there are some fish and inverteibrates that don't do salt period. They also like neutral P.H or a little on the acid side.

As for compatability with other fish, there are way too many to list. Here are some general rules. No fin nippers like black or skirted tetras, tiger bards, cichlids, huge groups of schooling fish, like 15-20 danios, nothing else that eats fish. I have housed mine with cory cats, Least Killies, multiple tetras-Head and Tail Light size or smaller, rosy and gold barbs, multiple types of gouramis, rasboras, shrimp and crayfish.

goldfish98 10-13-2013 07:18 AM

Sorry, I have a 10 gallon tank. My plan is to only have 4 or 5 fish in it. I am thinking about getting a larger tank, but due to space limitations, its hard. I feed them tropical fish food, and I have a heater and filter. The fish seem to have good temperments. One fish is always following each other, and they both love looking at their reflections, even moving up and down the tank to watch. Every morning, I look at the tank, and today, both fish swam right up to me :)

goldfish98 10-13-2013 09:10 AM

They are both males. I noticed one keeps chasing and bumping into the other, causing it to dart away. Whats going on?

easeltine 10-13-2013 10:56 PM

I'm not going to make any jokes about your fish. I have found some people take these posts very seriously.

There are books I have read that claim that livebearers can actually change their sex.

Sylverclaws 10-22-2013 01:24 AM

Mm-mh, you can't have swordtails in a ten gallon tank. They get 5-7+ inches long! Platies can't be in ten gallons either, though they rarely get more and 2.5 inches long they are thick bodied and like space.

The chasing and bumping is either them trying to mate, or trying to fight. Regardless of them both being male, they may still try to mate...but it's highly likely it's a terriitory thing, there's not enough space for them and they'll fight for it.

Both species require groups of their own kind. Platies can actually do ok in three's, less and they get aggressive and possessive of each other. You can have them in larger groups provided you have space. Swordtails do better with 4-5 members, you cannot have multiple males unless you have a really huge tank and a bunch of females...even then it's still highly likely they will fight.

The high-fin platies need 20 gallon, long tanks and a group. If you want to make it a community tank, you want a 30+ gallon tank. They go well with any other peaceful fish that have the same water requirements, which platies are pretty spread out with(they can handle a wide range of hardness and PH levels).

Swordtails need 30 gallon, long tanks but prefer bigger. They like space to swim, they can be territorial, and they get big. Males get long and usually stay slim bodied, but are still very large fish. The females get almost as long, but are usually twice as thick, they're much bigger than the boys but not nearly as aggressive...though they can be aggressive if things aren't as they like.

If you want swordtails and platies together, I'd suggest you get yourself a 40-50+ gallon tank, get them into proper groups and go from there. They can be housed with many types of fish from peaceful types of tetra and barbs, to other livebearers. But they MUST have space! In a ten gallon you're eventually going to have some very aggressive and sick fish, and eventually probably dead ones. Also keep in mind that platies and swordtails can interbreed, though they don't always do so.

If you want to poopulate your ten gallon, your choices are unfortunately very few an far between. There's not much that can go in there, and only ONE type that can go in there in a group fish-wise(Endlers Livebearers, not endlers guppies or any regular guppies). You can get 5-6 endlers guppies, I suggest males. Peaceful, colorful, and quite small. Your only other option is a single fish, like a male betta and MAYBE some ghost shrimp if he gets along with them and doesn't eat them. lol

goldfish98 10-22-2013 04:05 AM

Well I also added two green lantern platys, and I will get a bigger tank asap.

easeltine 10-23-2013 03:02 PM


Don't get upset. I am just having fun with you...but Livebearers/ Mollys and Plattys do poopulate tanks.

Sylverclaws 10-23-2013 06:48 PM

Hahaha! Not upset at all, I face/desked when I saw that typo(and a few others) too, and it was fitting...mollies are pretty dirty little things, and all livebearers tend to poop a lot. lol I was so tired when I wrote this up. ^^; Can't fix it after so much time, but I may as well let it stay since it was funny. =P

Goldfish, dear, don't over-populate that tank too much before you get the bigger one settled and cycled. Be sure you cycle it properly before moving your fish over too! You're already pretty badly over-stocked in the smaller tank though. I suggest you do a small change per day to go with the weeklies until you can. It may or may not save some of your fish, but it's worth a shot. Do about 3-5% per day and treat the tank with Seachem Prime, it'll remove ammonia and neutralize other toxins. Again, it may not save everyone since the tank is so over-stocked, but it is worth a shot. Just don't mess with the filter, you need those beneficial bacteria colonies to help out as well! If you didn't cycle the tank before getting them(this takes several weeks, usually close to two months to do properly before getting fish, if you didn't cycle the fish started it and may get ill or die from it), I suggest you still do the same except do bigger changes, 10-15% or so daily along with the 25% one once per week.

goldfish98 10-24-2013 04:18 AM

It looks like they have plenty of room to swim.

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