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frdfandc 09-01-2009 07:58 PM

New 30 Gallon setup
Starting with a new 30 gallon setup. Nothing in the tank plant wise yet, except for 2 plastic plants for the 4 Tetra.

I've been looking at numerous different tank setups and have decided that I'm going to go with the wedge styling. High on one side, low on the other.

Future plant selection.

Jungle vallisneria
Corkscrew val
Marble radican
Medium Amazon
Medium Brazil
Purple Cabomba
Ozelot Sword
Myrio filigree

Red rubin
Ruffled Sword
Crypt petchii
Anubias congensis
Crypt spiralis
Java Moss
Current setup.

Filter is a Marineland C-220
Lamp is a Nova Extreme HO T5
Flourite substrate - 3 bags. However, I might remove some for aquascaping purposes.

I do have a nice large piece of lava rock that has been cleaned in vinegar and pressure washed to go into the tank. Just need to remove some water and play with placement.

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