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animalover 09-01-2009 03:32 PM

is a guppy right for me?
im planing on getting two females or two male guppys. i was wondering big of a tank one guppy needs. and how much fry will one female guppy have?


redlessi 09-01-2009 09:06 PM

If you decide to mix the sexes you should have at least 2-3 females for every male. The females can have anywhere from a couple to 40-60 fry at a time and they have them constantly. If you are planning on having fry you should have a tank big enough for them to hide in or another tank to separate them.

My guppy just had babies and I think there is about 6-7 of them. The mom died after having them. They are still in the main tank (35gal) because I was unable to catch them to separate them and I have a lot of plants for them to hide in. I have 2 females and 1 male and both of the females are pregnant again. Good Luck

kmlatona 09-02-2009 01:51 PM

As stated in the above post you do need to have more females than males. Even if you have the same number of each, the males will chase the females so much that they may die. (I have seen this happen) The males will also start to fight and bite at eachothers tails and fins.
I started out with 4 guppies in a 10 gallon tank and they lived 2+ years if that helps you with the tank size question. Once they started having babies, they soon outgrew that tank so keep that in mind!

animalover 09-03-2009 08:43 PM

thanks i think know what tank i should get and how many guppies i need! thanks again!!

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