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RackinRocky 10-10-2013 09:50 PM

Time to put my angel in a bigger tank?
I've had an angelfish baby for about 5 weeks now. She/he was the size of a quarter when I got it, and now it's a little over a half dollar size. I have been keeping it in my 10 gallon tank with a few guppies and endlers until it got big enough to put in my 55 gallon and not get knocked all over the place by my rowdy Rainbowfish at feeding time. I just read online that angels are unlikely to eat fish they have grown up with. Well, I have Mountain Cloud Minnows (adults) as well as an adult male guppy in the 55, so I'm thinking maybe it's time to add the angel?

The tank consists of Rainbowfish, 1 Giant Danio, 1 Krib, 1 Bolivian Ram, 1 Dorsigera, 3 platies, 2 balloon mollies, 4 minnows and two Cherry barbs. Oh, and a spotted Cory. I know it'll be a little overstocked with the angel in there, but I have good filtration, do regular weekly water changes, and keep it very clean. I'm thinking maybe it's best to put the angel in now, rather than wait longer? What do you think? Thank you!

djembekah 10-10-2013 11:51 PM

i believe that since angelfish are schooling fish, they need friends. i wouldn't keep one in less than 30 gallons either, and i'd only keep them with a mate in there, unless their mate died. so i would honestly return the angelfish, or buy 5 more before you add it to the 55.

and actually, rereading your stock, i think you should do a lot of changes. cories, danios, minnows, and barbs need schools. livebearers need hard water, the south american fish need softer water. also i'm not sure about your other cichlids, there could be some problems there too.

RackinRocky 10-11-2013 03:39 PM

I'm unclear on some things. I've read a lot of posts where people have just one Angelfish, and that they can be kept singly. Otherwise, I never would have even considered getting an Angel. I do always research my fish before I buy. I can't buy 5 more Angels, as that would be seriously overstocking my 55 gallon. I've also heard Angels can be very rough on each other, and I have a peaceful tank that I want to keep that way.

All of my cories died except for the one I have remaining, and that is why I only have one. I just couldn't seem to keep them alive for some reason. I lost two albinos, a Peppered and a Panda, among a few others. I have 4 minnows, and I thought that was enough for a school. I have two Cherry barbs, as I read they can be kept happily as just a pair--that a school isn't necessary. I had two Giant Danios, but had no choice but to take one back, as it was chasing the other fish relentlessly (this remaining one doesn't, and seems happy to follow the Rainbowfish around). I try to do the best I can by my fish.

Also, I read the cichlids I have would do fine with my PH. On all three types, a PH of 7.6 was stated as being acceptable, and that it was more important to keep a STABLE PH more than the actual number (assuming it wasn't way out of their range).

I was careful to read up on every fish I've ever bought to be sure they had a good chance of getting along with my others. I made sure I would read the same thing at more than just a few websites to be sure it was likely correct information. I never would have the fish I have if I hadn't been assured my fish would be compatible and happy in my conditions. I don't take pet ownership lightly. I don't want to take the Angel back, as I'm very attached to her already.

By the way, I've already put the Angel in the 55 with the others. So far, things are going fine. No one is nipping or chasing. If it starts and doesn't cease, the perpetrator will have to be taken back to the store. It wouldn't be fair to the other fish.

djembekah 10-12-2013 01:28 AM

While i still disagree with your stock, i wish you luck.
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Agent13 10-12-2013 03:03 PM

I wouldn't be 1 bit shocked if your Krib killed or harassed/stressed your corys to death. They can compete with bottom dwelling fish and I'll add they love to eat guppies.. plus everything Djembekah said.
Best of luck.

RackinRocky 10-12-2013 03:59 PM

No, the Krib doesn't bother anyone. I had a bad bout of columnaris, and the cories died of that. They all got the signature white spot on their mouths that all my others got before dying of it.

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