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British 08-31-2009 07:43 PM

New Tank - Oscar and Jack Dempsey - Questions
Okay, let me just say I made my first impulse buy. I bought a Tiger Oscar yesterday along with a Pleco (he had clear stuff on his eyes, and after an hour it dissapeared and he was found dead.), an Ivory Mystery Snail and a Gold Mystery Snail. Today when we went to take the dead Pleco back to get a new one, I also bought a Jack Dempsey. I have a few questions regarding my new fish.

My Oscar, Romeo faded when I put my Jack Dempsey, Juliet in. Is he just getting accustomed to her?

I am unsure about Juliet's species. I'm almost positive she's a male, but we aren't going to tell anyone. (; She is around 4 1/2" long. She has a pink underside, a yellow back, black vertical stripes to the front of her body the fade to grey further back, a black spot on the base of her tail, blue/yellow lips, electric blue specks all over her like dempseys commonly have and what's making me wonder is she almost seems to be getting a bump beginning right behind her eyes on the top of her head. I'll be able to post photos tomorrow evening but what do you all think she is? Just a JD? (curiousness.)

I picked Juliet out of the tank because she was the largest, more dominant one and the others didn't look to healthy or colorful. I thought she would fare a lot better with my Oscar who is a little smaller length-wise but nothing shorter than 4". When I introduced her I think they locked lips, (couldn't see them) and there is a maroon-ish spot on my Oscars lower lips now. Will he be alright? They seem to be playing 'tag' but I've only seen Juliet attempt a nip once when Romeo was resting. They ignore the snails (Ivory-Bonnie, Gold-Clyde) and the Pleco (Onch) alone. Are they just establishing a bit of dominence?

I keep the temp around 80 degrees farenheit in the tank. I haven't kept Cichilds in a couple of years and was wondering if that temperature is fine? It was at 75 farenheit before I got Juliet and Romeo sat behind a rock all day and refused food. Was it too cold and he is more active now because it's warmer and he has a buddy?

Lastly, I'm not sure if any of you can help on this, but my 'common' Pleco that I got this time is MUCH lighter than the one I had before. His 'nostrils' are also sticking up very tall, and he elongated his dorsal fin into a beautiful sailfin shape when he moved. Is he a Rubberlip or other species?

Note: Romeo seems to have colored up a lot more now. They both just followed Onch as he moved. It was adorable. (: All in all I am happy with my new fish. (:

aunt kymmie 08-31-2009 09:24 PM

So you ditched the angels in favor of an oscar, a dempsey and a common plec? Are these fish inhabiting the 32 gallon??

British 08-31-2009 09:38 PM

I hate inpulse buys but I'm so satisfied. At the moment; yes they are in the 32, but they will be moved in around a month.

British 09-01-2009 04:03 PM

Everyone seems to be happy and healthy. Romeo and Juliet still play 'tag' but nothing serious. I'll post photos as soon as they finish downloading to my computer.

Sensamelia 09-01-2009 06:53 PM

Jack's are very great fish to keep. They get big, and the ones ive seen, (and the one ive kept) are tough. Ive heard of them living through stress, and even in transport for some time. Not to say abusing fish is ok, but they are tough. I fed jack live fish. He lived in a 90 gallon with a few other buds. 2 florida Gars, a jaguar cichlid smaller than jack (jag was the size of ur hand) about 50 little mystery snails, and a breeding pair of convicts.

It was a tank of predetors. the strong servive.

Plecos get MASSIVE, but ur 32 gallon should do for some time.
Have you been observing your tank for other signs of disease, that may have come from the sick pleco?

I havnt yet kept an Oscar, but i do know dempsies can be kept at 80, 82 probably tops. Most cichlids can. 75 to 82.
My guess on ur jack is a maybe a cross with an electric yellow? maybe.

and ur pleco could possibly be a bristle nose, or a golden pleco unless of course you have ruled that out by now. :-D

British 09-01-2009 07:58 PM

Bristlenose is out and there is no sign of diease. As I watch them they are being a bit more agressive now (video of the setup on that was when it was empty. They have locked lips a few times, but is this just establishing dominance?

British 09-02-2009 09:24 PM

Just an update; Romeo and Juliet are learning from one another. I saw Romeo picking food from the gravel today. (: Juliet was the only one to do that before and she had some fun rearranging some gravel before Romeo came over to be picky about it. I'm going to buy some larger Cichild Pellets at the petshop because putting a lot of little ones makes me more nervous as opposed to fewer larger ones. They are pretty picky about eating and I'm still trying to find something that will go on the side of the tank for my pleco. I don't know if hes eaten since I brought him home, but hes decently active. I'm thinking about getting a few neons so they have something to do. We have pretty healthy ones at my LFS.

1077 09-03-2009 02:48 AM

Introducing feeder fish, which is what neons will become,, is very good way to introduce parasites to your tank and fish. Also ,some cichlids will refuse all other foods once they are introduced to live foods.
If I were to offer feeders,it would be ones that I raised. But with the variety of quality prepared foods on the market that are better than live from nutritional standpoint,,, I wouldn't even consider risking the health of my fish for amusement of watching them go after live feeders. Feeding prepared foods high in protein while fish are young,is always healthier than possible sick feeders from local fish store. Even healthy looking fish can carry disease and or parasites but it's your tank,your fish.8)

Sensamelia 09-04-2009 11:04 PM

Well i must say i do agree. Nutritional products are best and my fish are well suplimented that way. They eat live fish once every two weeks. My plan is to breed guppies. i have three pregnat guppies right now! ;)

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