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freshwaterfish007 10-09-2013 07:28 PM

Cichlid Tank
55 Gallon
Would this stocking list be fine?
Yellow Lab x6
Cobalt Blue x6
Red Zebra x6
Plecostomus x1
and then please suggest any other fish I can keep here

Tazman 10-09-2013 09:02 PM

In simple terms no.

Reason being they will A) all crossbreed B) Having two Metriclima Species in the Cobalt and Red Zebra is going to ask for a lot of aggression.

I would look at something along the lines of 1 male to 4 female of:

Yellow Labs,

If you want any of the Zebra they will crossbreed with the yellow labs so dont sell, trade or giveaway any of the fry in the tank.

Agent13 10-10-2013 09:04 PM

Actually I somewhat disagree with Taz here. This could work with a little alteration.
1) get all males to avoid crossbreeding issues
2) Reduce red Zebra to 1 (if you go all male- if not all male then only 1 male red zebra in that tank and the rest female)
3) if you decide all male you could add a handful of Acei's to make up for reducing your Red Zebras. they are beautiful and sweet

Saulosi can be on the more mild side for african standards,
another thing to consider ..the Acei's have 2 options I'm aware of.. both the yellow tailed and white tailed ones. Both stunning fish.

Or be willing to cull any surviving babies if you decide to not go all male.
Important thing to keep peace is have large rock and cave structures with enough territories for each fish. I have plenty of the more aggressive mbuna..and all male at that with great success. Tons of funny behavior and spiteful antics.

AndrewM21 10-17-2013 03:31 PM


Originally Posted by Tazman (Post 3178889)
B) Having two Metriclima Species in the Cobalt .

I have both Estherae and Callainos in my aquarium with zero aggression issues.

Agent13 10-17-2013 09:27 PM


Originally Posted by AndrewM21 (Post 3228826)
I have both Estherae and Callainos in my aquarium with zero aggression issues.

I'm curious.. Are there multiple males of both the Estherae and the Callainos in your tank? BTW, totally not disagreeing with you. Just more idle curiosity.
I have 4 (I think, Rusty is fuming so I can't do a recount of my 100 mile an hour tank right now) different versions of the Metriaclima (zebra) types. I never see them go after each other and the only one I can see aggression that is noticeable is the greshakei. And he is by far not the tank boss. Also greshakei as well leaves alone the other Metriaclima. And my estherae is one of the biggest fish in my tank along side I. sprengerae and only after he bullied was for weeks did estherae(red zebra) attack back in defense the I. sprengerae.
Just don't think it's easy to lump the aggression differences into "can't do this can't do that " too much when done right..However I would love to find out how it goes with multiple identical males of these guys.

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