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racingtiger03 08-31-2009 05:10 PM

Tiger pistol shrimp claw regeneration
I just got a tiger pistol shrimp, and realized after getting it home that the "pistol" claw was gone. Most of the reading I have done says it will regerate a regular pincher in the place it was, and the regular pincher taht remains will develop into the "pistol" type claw. Does anyone know how long this takes? Other than that it seems to be quite active and healthy, just curious when I should expect to start hearing snapping lol.

racingtiger03 09-10-2009 10:24 PM

Sad to say, that pistol never did fully regenerate, and I found it belly up this morning in the back corner of the tank. I should have known it wasn't going to last based on the fact that it never made a burrow at all..

The good news, it's replacement has already dug a home of it's owned, and made best friends with my watchman goby. All within 10 minutes of adding it to the tank! No more tiger.. but this one looks to be a very close cousin, a marble pistol :).. no missing limbs on this one! It's much healthier too, only wish the tiger had been so healthy when I got it...

So more of a future note for anyone, do not buy a shrimp based on their ability to regenerate if it has anything missing. Learn from my mistake, as it would have likely died in their tank as it did in mine. Make sure it is burrowing and overall being active!

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