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fighttest 08-30-2009 07:16 PM

strange acting blood parrot cichlid
hey my girlfriend has a 25 gallon tank with 2 blood parrots in it i've been talking to her dad and he said everything is zeroes except nitrite which is 3 and ph is 7.5. they have a 20g hang on filter and not sure of the heater but he said it was good enough. there are a few fake rock work things in the tank and 1 or 2 fake plants. they say the fish have been acting strangely i.e hanging out in the corners, breathing hard, not eating, spasming/seizuring and they are looking quite pale. they have had them 2 months or so and they have been acting like that for the past week or two. they have tried changed the water several times and adding a product to lower the nitrites but nothing worked. any help would be greatly appreciated.

manindermax 09-01-2009 05:14 AM

:-?a few questions just to check.may be you are missing something
.was the tank cycled? the fishes have enough hiding place?
...are they of the same sex?
....are you using tap water?
.....if you are using a filter/powerhead is there too much flow?

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