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Bluntokian 08-26-2009 10:19 PM

Choosing Stock 55g
i was wonderring what my possibilities would be i like the colors of the psuedotropheus saulosi cichlid but i like puffers becaus theyre smart they have personality and they im a little lost on what to run with for the simple fact i like tropical freshwater fish but i want some color and variety but at the same time something thats not boring down the road "conundrum" (holy crap i spelled it right lol) as it were is that i have a relatively terrible memory and all upkeep is going to be remembered thanks to alarms on my phone so i was wonderring what would be relativly easy to maintain (dosent matter if its an entire day a week dedicated to the fish just as long its not a daily thing more than feeding) but at the same time sociable enough to be with a variety of fish and sitll be interesting to watch for hours on end

in short...perfect fish for a display tank lol

1077 08-27-2009 07:28 AM

You say you want fish that are sociable enough to be with other fish. That all but eleminates most puffers for reason you have already noted. You will first need to determine what the water chemistry that you will be using to keep the fish in is like. A test kit will be needed to tell you this, along with helping you to properly test for toxins such as ammonia,nitrites,and nitrates during the establishing of your tank unless it's already been established or (cycled). Research the fish you are interested in and see what water conditions they require are. Then test your own water that you will be using for weekly 20 percent water changes and see if it is compatible with the fish you are interested in. Once you decide on what fish you aim to keep, and you have test results from your water to indicate pH, and hardness,, then folks can help you with providing the right enviornment by helping to select fish that do well in your particular water.
If this is a new tank, then you might consider reading up on (cycling) a new aquarium which must take place before fish are introduced to your tank assuming,you want them to live long, healthy,happy, lives.

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