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redlessi 08-24-2009 05:10 PM

just spotted a baby!!!
I cant believe it but I just spotted a baby guppy!!!!!!! Now I am sitting here glued to the tank to see if there are more. It is the cutest thing. I thought the mother looked funny but since this is my first time I did not quite know what to expect. Awesome!!! Awesome!!!!!:-D:lol:

I plan to keep the fry in the tank but what about feeding it?

Rohland 08-24-2009 06:51 PM

finely ground fish flakes are good i believe.

MXS 08-24-2009 06:55 PM

Do you have some sort of breeder? I think it's best to keep them in there until they get a little bigger.

Congrats on the birth! :P

redlessi 08-24-2009 07:57 PM

I dont have a breeder, I am not sure I can even catch the little thing. The one I think is the mother still looks pregnant. I think I will go to petco tomorrow and pick up something to put her in................


redlessi 08-24-2009 08:44 PM

Now I see three babies and I am still not sure which one is the mother........... I hope they make it.. I will definitely be more prepared the next time. I thought I still had time to get everything I needed. Oh but so exciting to see the babies..................

aquariangel 08-25-2009 07:10 AM

Congrats! We're waiting for the red sword tail mama's to drop soon. Yesterday our albino blue tails arrived, think all the females are pregnant but one in particular looks ready to drop now, we've got her segragated from the others, just watching and waiting now.

redlessi 08-25-2009 02:38 PM

Since she already had babiies and they are in the tank, how can I make sure they eat? I was not successful in trying to catch any. I saw 3-4 so far. She still looiks pregnant, will she have more? Do they drop a little at a time?


aquariangel 08-25-2009 03:06 PM


Originally Posted by redlessi (Post 233267)
Since she already had babiies and they are in the tank, how can I make sure they eat? I was not successful in trying to catch any. I saw 3-4 so far. She still looiks pregnant, will she have more? Do they drop a little at a time?


Some females will hold fry for sometimes weeks before dropping all of them. We've seen our females drop fry and still look pregnant, next day more fry and she's thinner....

It's easier to catch the mama and pull her from the tank....feed them ground flake food, they'll find it and eat.

The female guppy has drops of between 2100 fry, typically ranging between 5 and 30. From the moment of birth, each fry is fully capable of swimming, eating, and avoiding danger. After giving birth, the female is ready for conception again within only a few hours. In fact, guppies have the ability to store sperm, so the females can give birth many times, after only once breeding with a male.

When female guppy's give birth, they express a hormone which stops their appetite and helps prevent them from eating their own fry, but this hormone only lasts for up to 12hours, so the fry are only safe for a little while from their mother (this should still give them plenty of time to swim off and hide somewhere though).

Hope this helps.

redlessi 08-25-2009 07:46 PM

Aquariangel thanks much for taking time to give me that info. I got home from work late and did not get a chance to get to the store. So still nothing to put the mom in and so far no more fry yet. What are the chances of the ones that are already in the tank surviving? Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to go to petco and but a breeding net or box, which is better?, and put the mom in. I have 2 females that look pregnant but only 1 has not eaten in maybe 2 days so I think she is the mom!!! Not sure..............

Thanks again.

aquariangel 08-26-2009 09:23 AM

We've actually never used either and had plenty of babies survive. Right now we put all the albino blues in one 20 gal tank. We did have a divider in but he removed it yesterday. Make sure to feed the adult females well and that will help decrease the amount of fry eaten.

Check the feamles to see if the dark area/spot around the anal area is dark, the darker it is the more pregnant they are. The dark spot/area is actually the baby Fry's eyes developing.

A breeding box may stress her out and if she's still carrying she may miscarry, but if you do use one make sure it's big enough to divide into two different compartments, because the fry slip through the grate in the bottom and out of the way of the mother.

Breeder nets can be bought or made quite easily with a clean piece of netting, a wire or plastic frame, or a Tupperware-type dish. Make a livebearer breeding net by placing the dish at the bottom of a net bag with a bit of gravel and a small plant. The dish holds out the net, providing the maximum swimming space. The plant provides a place for the fry to hide.

Well planted tanks, with bottom growth (like Java moss and hornwort) is great for the fry to hide in making any net or box virtualy unneccesary. Guppy fry tend to sink, so use low-floating plants for their cover.

Too bad you don't have another tank, that would be the ulitmate. You know your setup best, choose what works for you. I'm by no means an expert, just a bookworm and a research hound LOL....

Hope this helps....

oh, check out our aquariums (mine and Fishin Pole's, my :-D better half), I've been adding photos. More to mine than his because....*shhhh* I've been uploading from work. What can I say? Slow week right now. Take care and good luck with the babies! It's amazing watching them birth and grow out!

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