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REN652 08-23-2009 04:33 PM

molly died of wierd diseas
My dalmation molly just died from a weird disead here a little back info

i have a community 55gal tank with life plants. The tank has been set up for about four months not counting the time it took for it to cycle. all of the fish in the tank are compatible and they have been doing great.

My molly was agrasive she has always been agressive she would nip at fins and was just kinda of krazzy. i seperated her out of the tank two days ago after she killed a black molly female, i put her in a small 5 gallon tank with no gravel or plants and a old fillter while i figured out what to do with her. she jumped out and apperently died i found and put her back in and she came back, she just seamed lathargic. she calmed down and i placed her back in to community fish tank and she was getting allong well then yesterday morning she was covered in white fuzzy slime and her tail fin was frail looking she was swiming in circles i seperated her agian and she died this morning it all happend very fast. There was no growths or odd behaveior before she got covered with the white fuzzy slime. did i miss somthing what happend

darni 09-08-2009 02:55 AM

there might have been something in that old filter that made her sick when you changed tanks? how long after leaving that tank did she break out in the slime

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