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paul 01-26-2007 02:17 PM

Cloudy Tank
Can anyone give me tips on how to clear up a cloudy tank??,its 40 gals. High, i got two filters but tanks allways cloudy

Matt 01-26-2007 03:05 PM

How much do u Feed?

flatcam1 01-26-2007 03:06 PM

How long has the tank been running? :D

Unrulyevil 01-26-2007 04:31 PM

Do you use sand? or gravel?

FDStation152 01-26-2007 04:36 PM

I would look into feeding and water changing (or lack thereof) here. cloudy water is generally caused by algae/bacterial blooms which in turn are generally caused by having too many excess nutrients in the water. eliminate the excess and you'll eliminate the bloom. UV sterilization would also help but is rather uncommon in a tank of that size.

paul 02-04-2007 05:34 PM

Catfish to help clean bottom
Can anyone tell me if theres a catfish for freshwater tanks i can buy to help keep the pea sized rocks on the bottom of my tank clean??, i have a allege eater that keeps my glass clean but never see him on the bottom,thanks for any help here...

magic_marty 02-04-2007 06:53 PM

We have 2 cory's in our 20g that stay on the bottom and eat almost all the food that makes it to the bottom.Im not sure if they are catfish but they look like catfish kinda..They got whiskers like a catfish and they sift around the gravel looking for food, looks like they use there whiskers to aid in finding it.They never bother any of the other fish in the tank and are very peaceful.Might be to small for what you are looking for tho the ones we have are about 2 1/2 to 3 inches long.

herefishy 02-05-2007 05:54 PM

Could be a bacteria bloom. If so, the tank should clear up in 3-5 days. Check water parameters. Perform partial water change, about 25%.

paul 02-14-2007 04:24 PM

cloudy tank
i use gravel in the bottom of my tank an its white an blue , i change about 25% of my water about every 4 weeks an the white gravel on bottom is always brownish,is that some type of alage problem? an is there something to add to clean it up? thanks

musho3210 02-14-2007 04:31 PM

ok your problem there is that you are doing too little water changes, at minimum it should be 25% weekly although 25% twice weekly is common.

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