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Big Fish 08-22-2009 02:11 PM

Setting Up New 10g Tank - Need Advice

I just finished setting up a 10g tank to move my new fish into. Here are the pertinent facts:

3 Mollys
2 Guppy
2 Platy

In a 2G holding tank.

So, I have a brand new 10g Tank.

I just washed and cleaned my tank stones and put them in the bottom.
I filled the tank with water.
Added Safe2O
Added Big Als Multi Purpose Bio Support

I also put in two bunches of LIVE PLANTS (cabomba).

Filter has been running almost 24 hours with the Safe2O.
I put in the Multi Purpose Bio only a few hours ago.

So, when can I start bringing over the fish?

Thanks in advance.

Big Fish in a new hobby.:lol::-D

Twistersmom 08-22-2009 03:00 PM

Hello Big Fish & welcome to the forum!

Is the Safe20 used to dechlorinate? If the water is free of chlorine then it should be safe to start moving the fish over.

Congrats on the new tank!

Not sure how much you have read up on cycling a new tank. The bio Support will help, but keep a close eye on ammonia and nitrite levels for a while. You want to keep both under .25 ppm with water changes.
If you do not already have a test kit, the API freshwater testing kit is a good one to have. Most stores will test water for free, but I find it handy to be able to test at home.

Good luck with the new tank!

artgalnj 08-22-2009 03:02 PM

Do you have test kits (ammonia, nitrite and nitrate at the very least)? This is SO important IMO. People are willing to spend good money on filters, lights, plants, rocks, fish, etc and don't bother with test kits. It should be a part of setting up a new aquarium. At least have ammonia and nitrite on hand to begin with if you can't afford a master kit. Ammonia and nitrite are the first 2 in the nitrogen cycle.

Personally I wouldn't put all of the fish in there at once, but if they're in a 2.5 g holding tank right now I can't say that's a better situation for them (2.5g is small for 7 fish). Even w/ the live plants you're probably still have an ammonia spike & nitrite spike. I know some folks are alot more rebellious than I am but if it was my tank I would be ready for DAILY water testing and be prepared for partial water changes at any given moment. If you can get your hands on some established filter floss (perhaps from someone w/ an established healthy tank) you may get through the new tank syndrome phase faster. Google new tank syndrome. You'll find alot of sites w/ useful information.

Beginner FAQ: The Nitrogen Cycle

Here's one to get you started on cycling a new tank. Good luck! And get test kits...:-)

Big Fish 08-22-2009 03:27 PM

Hey, thanks for the quite responses.

I was at Big Al's early today. They were out of kits. That was the first thing I tried to buy. I will check in Wed.

The Safe2O is to declorinate. I did this yesterday and started up the filter. Both have been going 24 hours. The Multipurpose is for bacteria.

The 2G is way too small, I realize that. We are simply holding them there until it is safe to go into the Big Boy. :)

I have to wait until Wed or so for the kit. I would prefer to put them in the big tank. I would think they would be better off, no?

willow 08-22-2009 03:28 PM

just thought id say hello and welcome. :)

Big Fish 08-22-2009 03:37 PM

Thank you. Hello to you as well. Nice to be here.

I read the FAQ. So, I am shooting blind without the kit.

I would think that with the bacteria culture I have introduced, the new tank, the new filters running 24 hours and the proper chemicals for chlorine, it should be safer for them than the 2G bowl?

My rush to move them from the 2G bowl is that I feel that is the worst place for them.

Byron 08-22-2009 03:55 PM


Originally Posted by Big Fish (Post 231580)
Thank you. Hello to you as well. Nice to be here.

I read the FAQ. So, I am shooting blind without the kit.

I would think that with the bacteria culture I have introduced, the new tank, the new filters running 24 hours and the proper chemicals for chlorine, it should be safer for them than the 2G bowl?

My rush to move them from the 2G bowl is that I feel that is the worst place for them.

Yes, you are absolutely correct in your thinking. You have two things in your favour, the plants and the biological supplement. The latter adds bacteria [I'm not directly familiar with this particular product, but I understand that it works like others such as Cycle and Stress Zyme] and the bacteria will multiply as they consume the ammonia produced by the fish and the nitrite produced by the first set of bacteria. It takes 9-18 hours for the two bacteria to double [nitrosomonas bacteria convert ammonia and ammonium to nitrite and can multiply every 9 hours, and nitrospira/nitrobacter bacteria convert nitrite to nitrate and can multiply somewhere up to 18 hours] and this they will both do as long as there is food to warrant it.

The benefit of plants is that they immediately absorb ammonia and nitrite, and internally convert it to ammonium which they need for photosynthesis. In a relatively heavily-planted aquarium, more ammonia and nitrite are actually consumed by the plants than by all the bacteria [according to Diana Walstad who cycles her new tanks in one day simply by using plants]. I do the same, although I also add Stability [and previously have used Cycle] as an added precaution since it can do no harm. Cabomba is a fast growing plant (moreso that say rooted plants like swords and crypts) and therefore requires more of the food so that's another plus. Make sure the tank light is on for an adquate period or photosynthesis cannot occur.

You can and should (once you have a test kit) check ammonia and nitrite periodically; if either level rises a partial water change will help. But from what you have indicated, I wouldn't expect to see ammonia or nitrite above 0.


P.S., I'm probably reading more into your comment about filters running 24 hours, but just to be safe, the filter must remain running permanently. The bacteria that will colonize it need oxygen from water passing through, or they will die off. Of course, there will be far more bacteria living in the tank (on plant leaves, tank walls, substrate, wood...) than in the filter, but nevertheless it pays to keep it running, and for other reasons as well.

willow 08-22-2009 03:56 PM

the extra volume will be much better for them.
will you be able to get a test kit ?

artgalnj 08-22-2009 04:03 PM

At this point, I would say that the 10g is better than the 2.5g. Either way you're going to go through the break in process of cycling a tank. If you're going to transfer them, try to bag them (using water from the 2.5g), tie the bag up like they do in the fish store, float the bag for 20 minutes or so in the 10g (keep lights off), and after 20 minutes open the bag, fold the top over a couple of times so that the bag floats on the surface. Begin adding small amounts of water from the 10 gallon into the bag every 10 - 15 minutes until you double the amount of water they started in. This way you slowly acclimate them to the new tank water. Your water parameters may be different in each tank. Twistersmom told me to do this when I transfered my fish from their 20g into the 75g. It's time consumming but it was alot less stressful on the fish to acclimate them slowly to the new tank. It was a great piece of advice that I will follow whenever adding fish to a tank.

Big Fish 08-22-2009 04:07 PM

I will buy a test kit by Wed. That is when they said they would stock again. I am also going to go to the local mall and see if the pet store there has one.

When I said I had run the filter 24 hours, that is how long it has been since I started preparing the tank. The filter will now run forever! ;)

So, I am going ahead then. I have put the fish in a bag to get them used to the temperature of the big tank. It is close, but I will let the get used to the temperature and then transfer.

I will also try to post a picture later after they swim around a bit and I figure out how to get a picture posted!


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