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Swords and Mollies 08-21-2009 10:43 PM

Getting pH up for molly/sword babies?
It's looks like 6.6 and it is supposed to be above 7.0 I understand. How can I get it up?

eileen 08-21-2009 11:26 PM

First of all are you using water from your tap? Do you have soft water from your tap. Mine tap is soft because I have a water softner and it has a ph of 6.6. My outside water is hard at 7.8ph. Measure your outside water and see what the ph is. Use a dropper ph kit as these are better at measuring then the test strips. I have a 3 gal. jug that I just use for my fish only. I get water from outside and treat that. If you have soft water in the house you can mix 1/2 soft tap to outside water depending on the ph of the outside water. My Livebearers like the outside tap water so that is what I use. I do not like the ph up you buy at the store because it is hard to get the water the same each time. With the ph being to low or to high the fish can go into a ph shock and die. Depending on what water your fish is in now you might have to slowly add the higher ph water very slowly over several hours to get them used to the new ph. I found some information on-line about raising the PH. They said to raise the ph by adding crushed coral or shells. Here is what I found on-line:

How to raise pH in aquarium? - Yahoo! Answers

I hope this helps you out.

Oldman47 08-22-2009 11:44 AM

The quick and easy way to raise both KH and pH in water is to dissolve calcium carbonate in the water. The way you do that is put some crushed shells or crushed coral into the flow path in your filter. It is easy to do and works well. You get that product by going to your local fish shop and getting the smallest bag of white salt water substrate that they sell. Saltwater substrate in the bags is basically crushed shell/crushed coral.

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