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cinnomen 08-20-2009 05:24 PM

Trotski turned white!
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Hey guys. I have had my fish Trotski for over 9 years now, I brought him when my sister and I went to choose fish and she had to pick the darn big ones 0_0. He grew and grew along with victor and Glynis who sadly later died. Victor is black and always has been but about 4 years ago trotski went from gold to white I do not know why? then I got a smaller goldfish who did the exact same thing he is white to! I have got a fan tail type goldfish and he is still orange, I cant work it out!
Trotski and Victor are now my pride and joy but sadly are bigger then they once were, now I think they have stopped growing but someone said their tank is a little small. It was new today, I would have loved a bigger one but it was out of budget I had to borrow to get this one. Its 81cm by 35cm. So I guess what I wanted to ask is ONE do you know why trotski is white? and TWO do you think its ok to keep them still, I dont want to part with them and they seem happy but I dont want them to not have enough space.
*HUGS* xxx

Mikaila31 08-20-2009 06:53 PM

Don't know why it turned white. But that tank is way to small for them. You will need to invest in something much bigger, or ideally find someone with a large pond to take them. Just make sure they know how to care for fish. Or you can make your own pond.

British 08-20-2009 07:45 PM

Yes, the tank is too small. One goldfish should be housed in a 30 gallon aquarium, adding another 10 gallons for each additional Goldfish. He may have just matured a bit. Goldfish change colors as they mature. Is that a Bala Shark I see in the background?

nomel 08-21-2009 12:51 AM

I think British means one for each adult tiny goldfish in 30 gallons is silly. :-P

Mikaila31 08-21-2009 01:31 AM

That guideline is also only for fancy goldfish. The comets or common goldfish you have can get up to a foot if properly cared for and should ideally be in a 75gal with heavy filtration.

Lupin 08-21-2009 10:26 AM

Goldfish do change colors, whether they are adults or not. It is bound to happen depending on environmental conditions. My black orandas have shifted to chocolate color. They are demelanizing gradually. Demelanizing refers to melanophore migration wherein the lack of sunlight spectrum does not allow melanin cells to retain themselves thereby changing the color of the fish in the process. Only way to maintain their black color is by keeping them in ponds under direct sunlight.

If you have comets, shubunkins or common goldfish, all three are categorized as "pond" types along with the rarer watonais, wakins and jikins. All six variants reach 12-18 inches in size. A 75g should be the minimum and you could keep at least 3-4 of those only. Allow at least 20g for the first fish and 15g per additional goldfish. That does not however mean you can keep them in a 15-20g tank because that will never work at all. If you have fancy types such as ryukins, orandas and lionheads, then allow 15g per fish. For two fancies, aim for a 40g as the minimum. The bigger, the better of course.

You need a much better filtration system. Aim for a filter that can do more than double turnover rate of the volume of the tank and add filter floss to help collect the finest particles that are often responsible for clouding up your tank water.

The growth rate is quite variable depending on the conditions provided. With my own fancy goldfish, I feed a few times a day (out of the recommended 1-2 times a day for adults) and compensate it with 3-4 times large water changes a week aside from my 600g filtration capacity which I am hoping to upgrade in time to cope with more wastes. I could have sworn my goldfish have gained bulk and grown a bit but we will see in the next few months hoping by that time, they may reach 5-6 inches as they are currently 3-4 inches as I vary their diet with almost anything I can find from proper commercial foods for goldfish to the natural things I find in my ponds like algae and plants. Yes, my goldies love the Egeria densa that I have been feeding them those almost daily.

The ones I moved in my pond have grown noticeably bulkier. Well. obviously, some fish grow faster in the pond due to the availability of food far greater than in the pond. I live in the tropics myself so they get to stay there all year round from summer to rainy season. They have all the luxuries they can live their whole lives.

My goldfish tanks are barebottom with plants on containers. This makes maintenance much easier for me since I feed my goldfish multiple small meals a day considering their young age. When you feed, make sure you are not feeding too much as they do not need to be fed big meals. Their digestive systems are not designed to cope with such food intake as they do not have a stomach. What makes up their stomach is a rather long intestine hence most of the wastes they produce have undigested food portions which they sometimes chew for the second time and segregate it thus digesting the food all over again. Gorging themselves on big meals will only make them more prone to bloat and constipation.

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