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flatbody 08-19-2009 10:30 AM

my prego glofish
good day to all and thanks for reading. I will try and make my question as simple as possible. to start off, i have a 10 gallon tank that i take good care of (i keep it tidy, theres only real true aquatic plants, no plastic ones) and is pretty healthy. in the tank i have 4 glofish 2m 2f, a small pleco, small cory, and three guppys. also about 4 small ghost shrimp. I also have a little 2.5 gallon setup that i have had running for a couple weeks now that i was holding ghost shrimp in to let them grow a little before putting in lrg tank so they wouldnt get eaten. So my dilemma is both my female glofish, one yellow one pink, keep laying eggs in this little castle. the first time this happened i got a small plastic breeder container that floated in the tank. i used my gravity vacuum to syphon the eggs out of castle and into the breeder. but once they hatched they were small enough to swim out of the sides of the container and swim into main tank and be eaten. the second time i found eggs i set up my old 2.5g tank with water out of my 10g tank, syphoned the eggs in and tried to give crushed dry food. they died shortly after. the third time it happened i syphoned them again out of castle into small tank and went to the lfs. the guy there sold me a bottle of Kent Marine Zooplex, zooplankton. i got an oral syringe and started to adminaster small amounts of it right on the one healthy fry i saw. it lived for a couple days before dying. he got big enough where i could definitely see pink on or in him. so i figure i over fed and fouled the water again.
so its happened once again. one of my little fishers layed eggs and were def fertilized again. i syphoned them up again from there little hiding spot under the castle and put them in 2.5g tank. this time the tank had been running awhile. its got a small airstone in it and a small filter set on low and i buried the bottom of the filter where the inlet for the water with rocks to try and prevent them from getting sucked up. Also, i just recently learned that i should be using aqurium salt in my tanks. i have since gotten it, and used it per the instructions (maybe that was partly to blame?). So please help me. what do i need to do to make these little guys live. I have a little time as theyre still inside their little eggs. ive done a lot of searching and ive read a lot about the different foods, i.e. egg yolks. but how much, how often??? should i try the zooplex again? im using a syringe, how many cc's are we talking for 2.5 tank a day and how often? please help me help them!:-) and if i can get them to stay alive with your alls help ill certainly post picks of there progress. also as theyre not suppose to breed it would be cool to see what comes forth. the guy at lfs thinks ill end up with regular danios. will see hopefully! thanks for reading this far and any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!

FishySuzy 08-19-2009 02:21 PM

I don't really think you NEED salt unless you've got Ich. From what I've read, if you regularly use it, it can shorten the life of your fish.

flatbody 08-19-2009 06:26 PM

shorten their lives!? lets hope not. anyone else have any insight? please help us!!! and if it makes a difference, i actually think they are zebra danios and not glofish.

FishySuzy 08-19-2009 11:20 PM

Zebra Danio's are the fish they use to make Glofish.

Little-Fizz 08-20-2009 11:57 PM

Yeah no need for the salt, in fact you have salt sensitive fish, like your pleco and cory cat. Did you actually cycle the 2.5 gallon?? Just because it's been running doesn't mean it's cycled. It needs to have a constant source of ammonia in order to stay cycled. It can't be sitting empty, or else all the bacteria will die and you'll be putting the fry into an unstable tank.

As for the food, you can buy liquid fry food and you should feed them at least three times a day. I find the liquid food really mucks up the tank so keep up with the water changes. Once they are a little bigger just finely crush up some fish flakes and they will be ok with that.

Yes, glofish ARE danios just genetically modified.

On a side note, what type of pleco do you have? And cory cats prefer to live in shoals. Is it possible to upgrade to a 20 gallon? That would be better for your fish. Then you could actually keep some babies. Did you try your LFS too see if they will take the fish off your hands once you've raised them?

flatbody 08-21-2009 07:59 PM

well to start, thanks very much for the help. well the tank was housing 4 ghost shrimp, i dont know if they were producing enough ammonia or not, but there was bound to be uneaten food that must have created ammonia as well. there is some growth on filter so hopefully its cycled enough. if it doesnt work ill buy some cycle starter stuff from lfs. as far as what kind of plecostomus, im not sure. hes a very small version of the ones you would normally see at petco, he loves the side of the tank and can get pretty big from what im told, and his name is flatbody :). sorry, im sure thats not much help. and as far as upgrading the tank, i recently aquired a 55 gallon with a nice stand, and i plan on setting it up soon. just got to make the room for it! and ive made so many trips to the lfs recently that i know the guy by name. and he said he could take basically anything i want to give him. thanks again for the help, and ill be sure to post any new news. at the moment the eggs look like theyre about to burst, you can see the little fish inside the egg. looks like as set of eyes with a tail. not even hatched and already cute as a button.

fishfreak2009 09-04-2009 07:58 PM

That's interesting because according to the glofish website they are all infertile. See here at: GloFish Fluorescent Fish FAQ

ichthyologist in training 09-04-2009 10:17 PM

I know guppies arent the same as glofish, but when I had fry i always feed them the egg yolks and have had excellent survival rates.

NC Frank 09-05-2009 08:34 AM


Originally Posted by fishfreak2009 (Post 238365)
That's interesting because according to the glofish website they are all infertile. See here at: GloFish Fluorescent Fish FAQ

Actually... from the page you linked:

No. Today's GloFish® fluorescent fish are bred from the offspring of fluorescent zebrafish that were originally developed several years ago. Each new GloFish® fluorescent fish inherits its unique color directly from its parents, maintains the color throughout its life, and passes the color along to its offspring.

What you are refering to is the fact that females carry non-fertilized eggs. This is normal for all egg layers as the eggs do not get fertilized until after they are dropped and the males do their thing.

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