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MrWynO14 08-19-2009 03:21 AM

Re-Introducing a Cichlid Back Into a Tank
OK, so i got 3 cichlids, a convict, an oscar, and a jack dempsey. The convict used to ram the oscar and the dempsey, to the point where they would hide out in the corners of the tank. The two fish wouldn't each much and the convict would hog all the food. I took the convict out for this reason, and put him into another tank. Now the dempsey and the oscar do OK together, but I just re-introduced the convict back to the tank, after about a month. The tables have turned and the dempsey and oscar are having their revenge. The convict now hides in the corner of the tank just like they used too. I was hoping that they would all just get along for the most part, but the same scenario happened, just with the dominance switched around. Is it possible to get them all in harmony in the same tank?

Look at my aquariums for a picture of the tank (without the convict).

1077 08-19-2009 03:34 AM

If the tank is large enough, and there are different lines of sight created with rock formations caves etc. then it might be possible. I am near certain that you are aware that these fish will need at LEAST 75 gal if you intend to keep them healthy into adulthood. Your aquariums are listed as 29 gal in your signature. This is too small for these fish unless they are under three inches. Even then, in my view they will need larger tank within four months. Frequent water changes,maybe twice a week will benefit them.

markymark2 08-19-2009 12:23 PM

i would look at getting at least a hundred gallon tank in the next 6 months as u are greatly overstocked and oscars need at least 55 gallons all to themselves but put 3 small flowerpots in the tank so they can each have territory to themselves

buzz4520 08-20-2009 09:35 PM

i agree, your tank is way too small. oscars when young can grow at a rate of 1/2 inch - 1 inch a month until they get to about 10 -11 inch and then it'll slow down. if you want to keep these fish and keep the healthly/happy then you'll need to get a much larger tank like 100 plus gallon asap or it's going to get very stressful in that tank or worse. if you can't get a larger tank then you might think about re homing your fish, none of those fish by themself can thrive in that tank. i know this isn't what you want to hear, but you've got to think about the fishes health and welfare.

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