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Matt 01-24-2007 06:26 PM

Does He Have ICK?
I was looking at my Plattys and I Noticed This One Fish had Some White Stuff on him and I dont know What it is.
Also its only in one spot as of right now.
If it is Ick Then Im Going to Put Him Down.
Cause I Dont Want EveryThing Else Dying Off.

It's Not ThAT Clear But He Wont Stop Moving.

Its Right Back Before the Back Fin.

flatcam1 01-24-2007 06:30 PM

It definately looks like fungus! :shock2:

if it was white spot, then there would be more than 1 spot and it wouldn't be that big....

i would move him to a Quarantine tank ( if you have one ) and treat him with fungal meds from the shop....

Hope this helps! :D

Matt 01-24-2007 06:31 PM

What do i do if i dont have 1?(Which i dont)

flatcam1 01-24-2007 06:38 PM

It won't hurt the other fish if you put it in the tank. ( it would probably help the other fish from getting it :lol: )

i have done it before and it didn't affect my fish, just made my water a little bit dirty and i would suggest doing a 50% water change after the fish get cured... :D

hope this helps :D

Matt 01-24-2007 06:46 PM

Is it Contagious to the other fish?

flatcam1 01-24-2007 06:47 PM

Um...i think so because i think it is a bacterial disease....

Matt 01-24-2007 06:50 PM

Should i just put him down?

flatcam1 01-24-2007 06:52 PM

why? he can still recover....

Matt 01-24-2007 06:54 PM

If its gonna spread to my Betta, newt, Adult Plattys, and Platty Fry.
I Rather do That.

Matt 01-24-2007 06:54 PM

What Meds Should I Get?Im Going TO the LFS Tommorow.

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