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victoria1961 08-12-2009 05:32 AM

Betta Very VERY Sick
Hello I have a female Crowntail Betta, her name is Bella. I have had her for 10 months. I have her in 2.5 gallon tank with a filter. I do water changes daily 25% and month, 40 percent. She gets fed 4 pellets in the am and sometimes I feed her 1 or 2 not always but sometimes. On occasions I give her the pea to help her and sometimes I even fast her..I truly do everything to make her life wonderful. I started noticing alot of algae because it does have a light so I decided to buy a snail to help keep it clean which I purchased from Petsupermarket. At first she didnt really like it in her tank but eventually the past 2 months she seems to leave it be. So about a month ago, I noticed her not eating, then the hugh stomach. I immediately stopped feeding her, gave her pea, she did poop 1 time but still continued the pea. To no avail she stopped wanting that. I called Tetra since I am a memember of there forum and asked what it could be since she wasnt eating her swimming has almost all stopped, still stayed in her plant tree etc. They said she may have a bateria infection. I bought Jungle fungus clear and used it for 8 days (2 app) Well she has not gotten better, her stomach now has these 2 hugh bulges on either side. I think she has some type of tumor. Her activity is limited to staying and lying in her plant. I feel helpless but. The forum told me I should just put her down, and Im sorry that is not an option for me. I have the tank down to have water because she has not been able to surface to get air anymore. Im at a loss here and just wanted to tell my story, it kinda makes me feel better.

Kim 08-12-2009 06:37 AM

She stopped eating and then her stomach got huge? Have you considered the possibility of internal parasites? I once had some guppies with IP and about half of them would bloat up and later develop open sores before they died. I tried many medications, but the only one that worked was a medicated food made by Jungle Labs. I got it at...Petsmart I think it was.

victoria1961 08-14-2009 02:47 AM

I dont know. BOTH sides of her stomach have buldges and they appears to be like a red tone compared to the rest of her color which is blue. Its not good, she now is lying on her side. I know its a matter of time. Im prepared.:cry:

Kim 08-14-2009 11:30 AM

Well, if you can't get her to eat then the medicated food won't do any good. You could try a med that is dissolved in the water, but she may have too much internal damage to recover. That is only IF it is even could be bacterial as well in which case there are a different set of meds that you can use. However, it all comes down to you since you see her every day. Do what you think is right. If you know she's not going to make it then just let her go peacefully. If you think she's still got a little fight in her then you could do a google image search for internal parasitic and bacterial infections and see if that looks like what she is experiencing and take it from there. Good luck and I'm crossing my fingers that she'll make it.

victoria1961 08-20-2009 05:10 PM

Bella is gone
Although I was not going to euthanize Bella, the past few days she just seemed so ill that I believed she was suffering. She wasnt able to move around and if she did it was a hugh effort. Anyway, I did euthanize her and I now believe she is free from pain. I loved her so much. I will miss the smile she put on my face every morning and every night when I came home. R.I.P Bella Mommy loved u and always will...

dramaqueen 08-20-2009 08:59 PM

I'm so sorry to hear about Bella. RIP Bella.

aunt kymmie 08-20-2009 09:00 PM

Sorry for your loss, poor Bella. :-(
It's hard and you did the right thing by ending her misery.

victoria1961 08-20-2009 11:25 PM

Thank You
Thank you for your kind words expressing your heartfelt sadness for Bella's passing. Believe me Bella has been sick for several weeks. I believe she wanted to live for a long time which is why she kept holding on. This morning I was crying looking at her in the big tank so when I moved her into her little tank and she was struggling so badly to even be stable with her tumors making it almost impossible for her to swim I knew it was time..For me her mommy I couldnt bear her pain anymore. I know I did the right thing. Victoria:|

Romad 08-21-2009 05:12 AM

Awwww... so sorry you lost your Bella.

Just remember what a great life you gave her and how many smiles she gave back to you.

victoria1961 08-21-2009 05:43 AM

thank you
Thank you again

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