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aussieJJDude 09-20-2013 05:47 AM

Stocking idea (with Angels)
Sadly my 64G tank is look bad - it is not like all fish dying, but it looks bad... You know, gravel, plastic plants and maybe overcrowded with guppies. Due to this tank being in the family/living/main room, it an eye sore. So my parents have suggested that i might be able to make it in to a real tank, well, a show tank! :-)

The Tank:
It is a corner pentagon 64/65G:
So, the front part is 1m (100cm). The back triangle part is 95cm on both sides and the two smaller bits at the front is 20cm....

60cm Heto Reflector with light for plant growth (I might look into getting waterproof LED's around the rim of the tank...)

Fliter & Heater:
Fluval 303 (Yes, I know, old model... But this works great!) I forgot the heater type, but it is very trustworthy for me and is set at 24c.

Fish List:
- 4 Angels (juvenile, once one pairs, get rid of others)
- 8 Colombian 95 Tetras (or other peaceful tetras that wouldn't get eaten)
- Pair Bristle-nose Catfish
- 1 Clown Loach (I know, they need a bigger tank and buddies, me and parents were sucked into the trap of getting one for the snail "problems. Does wonderfully in the tank and has grown 3cm since I had him/her. Regularly feed with snails to keep it happy!)
- 3 Coolie Loaches (Will like to up the school to 6, but don't know if it will be an overload)
Could I add more? What about a small school (6) of cories? Maybe some surface dwelling South American fish??

It is going to be a mix between sand and gravel. About 5:2 (sand:gravel) ratio...

Plant List:
- Java moss (already growing)
- Duckweed (Seems slow growing, fish must eat it)
- Java Fern
- Anubias
- Vallisneria
- Water Sprite
- Amazon Frogbit
- Cryptocorynes (Need to look in to these)
- Banana Lillies (love these!!!)
- Subwassertang (looks interesting)
- Amazon Sword
- Chain Sword
- Riccia
Most likely it will include a fert of some sort (besides fish) for the plants...

- Rocks (Got a nice covering of algae)
- Bogwood

OK, think that is it :-D What do you guys think???

aussieJJDude 09-20-2013 05:55 PM

Oh yes, I also forgot! I thinking of adding some Cherry Shrimp or Crystal Shrimp in there.. :)

aussieJJDude 09-21-2013 07:13 PM

Anyone with ideas?? :-(

IsabellaRows 09-21-2013 08:21 PM

Just a question/suggestion, about the angels, were you wanting them to breed? Why not have just one, or two. Or buy them larger.

aussieJJDude 09-22-2013 05:49 AM

Umm, I wouldn't mind but for the most part, no :-) I just want to pleasure of growing them up and seeing them grow in the tank and then if one pairs, get rid of the others (or have 2 pairs??)

Tolak 09-22-2013 06:08 AM

Two pairs in a tank is tricky, takes some creative aquascaping to form a sort of natural divider, and cooperative pairs. I pulled it off in a 65 with a few unpaired angels, but it took switching some pairs in & out with my fishroom. I'd go with a single pair rather than a potential aquatic warfare situation, unless you have more tanks to fill with a second pair. I'd suggest more tanks & breed the angels, but I'm a terrible enabler with that sort of thing.

I'd go with the larger group of corys rather than the kuhlis, as they are a more active & visible fish. You might want to look into some hatchets for the top, pretty traditional fish in that sort of setup. As far as plants, I don't do them as the main focus of my fishroom is breeding, so bare bottom tanks.

aussieJJDude 09-22-2013 07:04 AM

I thought 2 pairs may be tricky, but then again, it was worth the ask as there is no silly question when it comes to the welfare of other animals! :-)
I most likely stick with the single pair though, it seems less of a hassle for the fish!
The reason with my kuhlis is that I have 3 in there ATM and would still like to keep them (same with the clown). How ever maybe it could be:

- Angels (4 Juveniles, when one pairs, get rid of others)
- 8 Colombian 95 Tetras (or other peaceful tetras that wouldn't get eaten)
- Pair Bristle-nose Catfish
- 1 Clown Loach
- 3 Coolie Loaches
- 6 Cories (Most likely peppered, )
- 6 Hatchlets
- Shrimp (most likely cyrstals, Cherries or aussie FW tropical native like Glass or Riffle)

Would this be too much? Or could I add another shoal of tetras or make my existing shoals bigger??
(And yes, I do like to have my numbers even! haha)

aussieJJDude 09-28-2013 09:18 PM

Any advise?? :-(

Joe1985 12-14-2013 08:15 PM

So you definetly wanna keep the angels? i know the size tank n can be tricky, well with what you have i reckon once the angels mature keep a pair (you can keep the 2 if it turns out that way but aggression could get real bad during spawning) so a pair of them a few BNs and a few schools of tetras but id suggest the more torpedo shaped ones eg Lemon Tetras n so on.
Why dont you get rid of them all and do a planted apisto/dwarf cichlid set up :P

rsskylight04 12-14-2013 08:51 PM

Instead of adding corys, I would get about 6 more kuhlis. You'll see one more often if there's more in the tank. I do love corys, but loaches have a special place for me and especially kuhlis. To mix with angels a bottom dwelling like kuhlis is good idea.

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