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Sensamelia 08-10-2009 09:20 AM

:roll:So i have decided to try and cycle a freshwater tropical aquarium, (i have african cichlids) i think thats trpoical. I am using about a 40 gallon tank (I need to take the measurments exactly) its around 40 gallons anyways. I DO understand that there needs to be "a cycle" of some nature. I started off my tank about a month ago with 2 apple snails, who love it in there, then once i read up on them i realized that i wasnt doing much to sustain them that they can live in almost any conditions. LOL. So anyways they are rockin around the tank eating cucumbers (i wonder if the cucumbers will make the tank floppy)

Anyways i want to feed live. (EEEEEEE) i know what most ppl. are going to say. But i have fed cichlids live b4 and Ive had no issues, but that was in a 100 gallon tank. I guess my real issue is being worrid about the balancing of my cycle, in a 40 gallon tank instead of a 100 gallon. I understand that they very different.

I have two "rusty" cichlids and two "Cobalts", and then we got about ten little guppies to try to balance things out.

I KNOW THAT SOME OF WHAT IM DOING MUST BE WRONG! Can someone help me, i went to my local aquarium store yesterday (Big Als) which i will NEVER attend again (they did not help AT ALL) So i am appealing to others to help me.

I will be attending another fish store for some much needed advice aswell. If anyone can help it would be GRAND.

Also i was told that the water in my city is hard enough to leave alone.


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