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migdem 08-09-2009 11:47 AM

HELP with Planning for the first heavy planted aquarium - please
Hi all,

I need some advise on the setup that i am going to do. This will be my first heavy planted aquarium. I am going to buy a Juwel Lido 120.

The plants that i am going to use are:

Left Corner - Limnophila Sessiliflora
Right Corner (near the internal filter) - myriophyllum hippuroides or anacharis
middle - ornament that i currently have which has anubias nana, java fern and some java moss.
As turf i would like to use - Marsilea hirsuta

What do you think?

I also could install the reflectors which gives 100% more lightning so it will be doubled.

This is the link for the aquarium including the lightning JUWEL Aquarium Homepage

Waiting for your point of views :smile:


artgalnj 08-09-2009 08:47 PM

You should google some of the plants your considering. The last one, Marsilea hirsuta is a tough one to grow in aquariums. If you do an internet search you'll get alot of useful info. I have various swords, crypts and hygros in my tank but I don't want to run co2 (for the moment) and I have low lights. Everything is growing better than I could ever imagine. I'm learning that a planted tank is a delicate balance between a variety of factors (lights, nutrients, co2 or no co2, water hardness, even water temperature). It can make your head spin :shock:.

migdem 08-10-2009 02:19 AM

Do you know of any easy plant for turf to grow?

artgalnj 08-10-2009 07:48 AM

I take it that you're looking for a carpet plant that is suitable for low light? I haven't tried any in my tank so I can't be of any help to you. Someone recommended that I try E. Tenellus for my tank as a carpet plant but I haven't tried it yet. If you search the internet for low light carpet plants there may be a few that may work for you.

Byron 08-10-2009 09:57 AM

You can see Echinodorus tenellus (pygmy chain sword) in the photos of my 70g aquarium. I have fairly low light, one watt per gallon in both tanks, and as you can see it grows well. Needs weekly liquid fertilizer (as do all plants) and good light (by which I mean the type--full spectrum, not the quantity).

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