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Nieve5552 09-18-2013 06:11 PM

Do Siamese Fighters need to be 'flared' every day?
Hi I've read the most unbelievable rumour recently after joining an online club for tropical fishkeeping in South Korea.
I know from first hand experience (Im originally South Korean.. living in New Zealand) that a lot of South Koreans are lacking in nature/biology-related knowledge since they've mostly lived in densely populated cities with minimum contact with the natural environment.
However this piece of information about Siamese fighters is downright weird (in my opinion) and something I've never thought of or heard of in other places..

They seem to firmly believe that if you don't make a male Betta flare regularly (preferably every day, for around 20 minutes) then their fins will clump up, stick together and start rotting away. :shock:
How would this be logically and biologically be possible at all?
Its not like their fins are made of glue or velcro and they will stick together for an eternity if they are not spread and smoothed out every day…:roll:

There was one member who expressed his concern about his veiltail fighter having gathered fins with sharp ends, as a lot of veiltails do when they are not flaring (especially their dorsal and anal fins). He was worried that the sharp ends meant that the fish might be showing a symptom of fins-sticking-together-due-to-lack-of-flaring.

I thought this was the most bizarre and unbelievable rumour (but more like a reliable information than a rumour for them).
I may be wrong but I just can't imagine how that would be possible.
I would really appreciate it if someone could either support me or correct me on this one!

jaysee 09-18-2013 06:25 PM

welcome to the forum

I never make my bettas do they need it? Not in my opinion. I have no such problems, but I am not one to worry about the current of the filters like so many do, so perhaps the fact that my fish are proficient swimmers prevents their fins from sticking.

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