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zachhay11 08-07-2009 01:20 PM

is this true?
is it true that if you name a fish they die? because my dad once had a crayfish and named it pinchy and it got eaten by these two femail convicts because it ate there eggs. (not sure why two femails were trying to breed but whatever) then he also had a large pleco and i named it jacob and then a few weeks later he had a outbreak of some type of fungis that killed him before he could treat him. then i had a dwarf puffer that mysteriously died. i told my mom its because she referred to him as puff.

nomel 08-07-2009 03:03 PM

If you naming them was killing them somehow, then wouldn't they all die in the same way? For those first two, it seems the convicts just got hungry, like they would out in a river!

If you don't name a fish and it dies, is it because you didn't name it, or just because it got sick and died?

Fish sometimes just die, usually from getting sick, especially new fish. If you're naming them, then that probably means they're new.

When they get old and start swimming with little canes, they'll eventually die. It wont be because you named them or didn't, just because they got old.

There are reasons behind things, and I don't think making a certain sound with your mouth will make a fish die. Besides, how does the fish know that his name isn't "and" or "the", words you say nearly every sentence!?

zachhay11 08-07-2009 09:09 PM

well, i wasn't being 100% serious here.

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