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marxous 08-06-2009 12:34 PM

Oscars, HITH Metronidazanol, Salt - Best treatment?
Hey Guys,

I've had my oscars for 3 years now, they're virtually full grown, and are in a 100 gallon tank with no other fish in the tank. They've never had any problems, and the tank os very well established.

My 2 questiosn are:
What veggies do you feed these guys? I didnt know they would eat veggies. I feed them Cichlid Gold pellets, sinking shrimp pellets, and freeze dried shrimp Hikari.

Would a salt bath help for HITH?
Theres no salt, or very little in the tank. Last time i added salt was a long long time ago. Would this help?
( i know these are fresh water fish, and yes generally fresh water fish benifit fromsmall amounts of salt and minerals added to the water. there is evidence to prove this, so please dont flame me for adding salt to my tank.)

Thanks all for any and all help. Also would anyone reccommend meds for HITH? I hear its not very treatable...

Third question - has anyone had any success with metronadizanol? ( dont know if thats corect spelling)

Fourth question - i dont suppose theres any way to reverse HITH?



Fishin Pole 08-06-2009 01:04 PM

Hello Marc

Sorry to hear your oscars have HITH, but i have known alot of people who had oscars for years and they lose them to HITH, unfortunately.............Its very difficult to cure and most times proves fatal, but i wouldnt give up, oscars are very tough fish.........Water changes and Metron????nol is what most people would do.........Sorry i cant be more help, but good luck finding a cure

Red Betta 08-07-2009 10:04 AM

Salt should help a bit with HITH, i dont know how much it will help but I am sure it will at least slow the progress. Otherwise I cant help that much

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