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Charlie 08-05-2009 06:14 PM

20G long cory stocking question
I have a 20g long style tank that I have 6 cories in. They are emerald/bronze cories. After refurbishing their tank, I have the itch to add some more, as it looks very bare in the tank. How would you recommend doing this? I haven't bought new fish for this tank in a long time--it's been a year since it was established, and I had the cories in a 10g before that.

All of the tank parameters come out to being fine. I have driftwood and plants in the tank, lots of them (mostly java moss, I love the stuff). I was also wanting to add a bristlenose pleco, as I love them to bits, and my last one was lost in a tragic accident :(.

So.. how many more cories can I add, in addition to the pleco? I know it's usually a sort of trial-and-error. I was thinking of adding 6 more cories, probably of a different species, but I'm not sure yet, then adding the pleco later.

Also... I have a 10g filter that's not doing anything at the moment. Would you guys reccomend installing it on the tank, in addition to the 20g filter I already have? (I might do this anyways, since it would make filter maitenance a lot easier without having to worry about one of the filters completely crapping out if I fuss with it).

Thanks guys..

(Originally posted this in the catfish forum, but I think it belongs better here.)

Sparky 08-06-2009 06:50 PM

hey in my world you can never have too much filtration. i think if you added about 6 more corys to it you would be fine but i wouldn't go any farther with it dont want to overstock on ya

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