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JLong80 08-05-2009 01:59 PM

what T-8 bulbs for a 55g fowlr?
I've got a new 55-gal fowlr with 2 18" T-8 bulbs and need to buy new bulbs for it. the previous owner had 2 eclipse daylight bulbs (not sure what the spectrum or kelvin rating was), I want to provide the best light i can without having to upgrade the balasts just yet, and although I am setting up for fowlr I certainly wouldn't mind being able to keep a few clams, corals, and maybe an anemone.

any recommendations?

HardCory 08-05-2009 02:57 PM

I like Coralife 50/50 bulbs. They're not too expensive and they have a nice look. As for corals, clams and anemones; I would wait til you can upgrade. All of them need good lighting and I know from experience that you're just not going to get that from T-8s.

JLong80 08-05-2009 03:30 PM

sounds good, i definately dont want to put something in that wont survive, just wasnt sure if certain species would accept T-8s.

I was considering getting the coralife high-intensity bulbs for a higher kelvin rating. the only other bulb i ever tried was a blue actinic which i hated, of course it would probably be much different if i had more ballasts with T5 bulbs.

HardCory 08-05-2009 03:35 PM

Well the Actinic should be paired with a white light. If you have 2 lights I would do one actinic and one 10,000 K. That's pretty uch the same thing you'll get with the 50/50. By the way, maye smeone else can recomend a low light coral? I don't know about them but you never know.

Kellsindell 08-10-2009 01:28 PM

It's not really going to work well for a clam. You are going to need something like the nova extreme 6bulb 48in, or even the 8bulb.There's no way you are going to be able to keep a clam. Some corals under 2 bulbs... you can't really keep any corals over leathers and even then i don't think you should. If i were going to say anything like a coral, it would be Xenia and Green star polyps... other then that, i don't recommend them. I have a low light SPS and yet, that still isn't near enough light for them.

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