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Marine1 01-22-2007 10:39 PM

Does anyone know about a brown spotted disease. My Hippo Tang came down with ich and has been in a QT using the hyposalinity method. The ich disappeared, but now there are brown spots covering its face and a line down the body. It looks like divits much like when a person scratches their chicken pox and leave crater scares. Can anyone please help with any suggestions. Hippo is eating well and swimming around fine.

pH: 8.2
1.015 slowly bringing salinity back to normal after 3 weeks of hyposalinity.
ammonia: 0
nitrite: 0
nitrate: 0
temp: 80

usmc121581 01-22-2007 10:49 PM

Can yu post a pic, I'm pretty sure its laterial line disease. If thats the case there is no cure that I have heard of. But the fish can live with it. I found a little info for you if you want to read up on it.

Marine1 01-23-2007 12:29 AM

Ya that's it alright. Thanks for the info. Great help. Let's hope Dori will live.

usmc121581 01-23-2007 06:51 AM

Hopefully let us know how shes doing. I never went through it.But the LFS I work in has 2 purple tangs wih it. and they are all right just have that line running down there back.

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