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blueblue48 01-22-2007 09:37 PM

55 gallon big tank
well i just dropped down the 175 dollars that ive saved up for the 55 gallon community tank ive been planning. but now i realize that i have about 5 dollars, and i need gravel and a background (i have the plants) HELP!! lol. ill be posting pics sometime within the next few weeks of my progress, this tank is about twice as big as my current biggest tank ( a 30 gallon community)

Lupin 01-22-2007 09:41 PM

Can't wait for your pics.:thumbsup:

Brandon 01-23-2007 02:18 PM

What do you plan on putting in it?

GeraldFrye 01-23-2007 02:21 PM

Do not buy pet store gravel. Go to your nearest tool supply store and purchase landscaping rock. It's natural and much cheaper, but you'll have to put the time in with boiling and scrubbing. You will save a ton of money.

blueblue48 01-23-2007 05:06 PM

id rather just use the sale at petco (bleh i hate them) buy 2 get one free i dont want to scrub!! i plan on getting some driftwood and letting ti cycle through then adding an assortment of fake plants and rocks and stuff and maybe try with some live plants. ill just put all the fish from the 30 gallon in there and get some more since i dont have enough corys to shoal and i need more hatchets and some tetras etc. etc. etc.

blueblue48 01-27-2007 02:48 PM

well i skipped on the drift wood and just put a bunch of plants in plus some boiled rocks and stuff. its been cycling for 3 or 4 days so i thought it would be ok. i put in my 2 long finned zebra danios last night and they seem perfectly fine so just about 30 minutes ago i put all the rest of the fish in and there all doin great! ill see if i can get some pictures later today.

FDStation152 01-28-2007 01:55 AM

well I'm not sure what other fish you have to have added but its always a good idea to take things slow when adding new fish to an aquarium. Even a well established tank will experience a shock when a bunch of new fish are added. It takes time for things to stabilize to the amount of fish in a tank.

blueblue48 01-28-2007 01:49 PM

in the 55 gallon theres:
2 black neon tetras
2 long finned zebra danios
1 marbled hatchet
1 4 inch koi ( yes yes i know i plan on maybe working on a pond this summer to make the backyard look better)
2 serpae tetras
2 black skirt tetras
1 small common pleco
1 emerald corydora
2 albino aenus corydoras
1 guppy

and in a couple of days i plan on getting a couple more fish like maybe another hatchet and some different types of tetras. maybe one more corydora.

musho3210 01-28-2007 02:01 PM

Dont get any more different types fish, most of the fish you have are schooling and you only have 2 of them, you need at least 6, also have you finished cycling yet?

blueblue48 01-28-2007 06:44 PM

lol oops. i just went and bought some fish. i let it cycle for 4 days with plants from the old tank because i figured theyd have some beneficial bacteria on them? the fish i put in at the start seemed fine so i put the rest in and there doing great. i just took a picture of the fish and fully planted tank. hopefully in the future ill get some large plants for the back because its slightly bare. its uploading right now so ill post it a little later.

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