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Youngfresh329 08-04-2009 03:31 AM

Tank Help
i jus bought a breeding pair of electric blue jack dempsys 6 inchs an 4 inches an they came with 6 other jds about 1 1/2inch 3 electr 3 regular i placed them in my 75 gallon for now which is home to my 2 inch jaguar 2 inch green terror 3 1inch flowerhorns i also have a 55 gallon tank i jus set up which should be cycled cuz i used the 75 gallon water an old filters with old rocks how should i separate these fish to insure the jds willl spawn again and all grow up comfortable the jds were all previously in a 75 gallon tank an they are all the least aggresive dempsys i have ever saw

Sensamelia 08-12-2009 06:32 PM

Hey have you figured this issue out yet?

Youngfresh329 08-13-2009 01:29 AM

Yea So Far Everything is Good i got rid of the 3 regular dempsy an 1 electric blue so now in my 55 gallon i have the breeding pair of electric blue dempsys with 2 gourmis an 3 silver dollars thats a very peaceful tank all fish are doing well an my EBJD's are now showing beautiful colors in the 75 gallon i have 2 EBJD's 3 Flowerhorns A Green Terror And The Jaguar This Tank Is A Lil Less Peaceful The Two EBJD's Have The Two Best Territorys in the tank an The Jaguar An The Green Terror Go At it From Time to time The 3 Flowerhorns are growing an at the moment do not fight with them two bigger predators. A quick funny story is the other day i bought them feeder fish an wasnt sure if they was big enough to eat them an as soon as the fish went into the tank the 3 flowerhorns that are the smallest of them all grabbed the feeder fish first i cant wait to see them all grow an everntually ima get a 125 gallon tank an hopefully all fish can live in it together .

1077 08-13-2009 05:37 AM

The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey is a handsome fish. I have one male in a 80 gal . While researching this fish, I discovered that two Electric Blue Dempsey's can breed but the fry are often very weak fish and seldom reach two inches long with even the best care. It is also said that the majority of Electric Blue Dempseys are males. Those who breed these fish in an effort to create stronger ,healthier fish, Will breed a male Electric Blue Dempsey with a female Blue green (regular) Dempsey. The fry from this mating are then raised until female can be identified and then several females are kept to try and pair with the Electric Blue male. The fry from this mating will result in more fry surviving and more fry with the Electric Blue Gene or colors. These fry are said to be stronger than those weak fry that mating two Electric Blues produces. I am considering attempting this as soon as I can find suitable homes for the fish that reside in the tanks i will need for fry to grow out to breeding age.
On a unrelated note,, I believe ultimately that your jaguar and green terror if kept together,, will as they mature,, fight until one is eliminated. My money is on the green terror as the winner.
For more information regarding electric Blue Dempsey's Try googling "websites devoted to Jack Dempsey's"

Youngfresh329 08-13-2009 03:58 PM

Yea I Have A Electric Blue Male Dempsy And A Female Regular Dempsy With The Blue Gene And The 2 other electric blues in my 75 gallon are the kids of the two. As for the Jaguar Vs. Green Terror Ill Eventually Prolly Have To Get Rid Of The Green Terror He Seems Like He Losses Most Of The Stand Offs And I Saw The Jaguar Eat A Feeder FIsh Whole...... an hes only like 2 1/4 inches

1077 08-14-2009 03:50 AM

Were it me, (and it ain't) I would stick to prepared foods for my fish as opposed to feeder fish unless,, I was raising the feeder fish and feeding them prepared foods high in proteins and vitamins which would then be passed on to the larger fish .
Feeder fish that are purchased, often are capable ,and often do, pass on bacterial diseases to otherwise healthy fish. These feeder fish sold in stores are often kept in lousy conditions and all it takes is one sick feeder to infect the whole tank of feeders and ultimately, your fish. It is quickest way I know to spread disease to your aquarium. And as stated,unless these feeder fish are gut loaded with high quality foods and vitamins,, they really have poor nutritional value. With the prepared foods on the market today,, rich in proteins and vitamins needed by tropical fish ,,One would have no logical reason to use feeders save for the excitement derived from some in doing so.

Youngfresh329 08-14-2009 04:01 AM

Gotcha I understand what Your Saying..... Sad To Say i Woke Up Today An A EBJD was dead...... all other fish seem fine is there any precaution u can think of so i dont lose any more fish

1077 08-14-2009 05:15 AM

It is unclear to me what fish you are keeping with the juvenile Electric Blues. I would not house them with Flowerhorn or green terror or jaguar. I would try and keep the Jacks together if at all possible. Could be the Jack was killed by one of the other cichlids.
I would also see to ot that the tanks containing these fish tested 0 for ammonia,0 for nitrites and nitrAtes at twenty or below. This may require more frequent water changes maybe twice a week. How long have the tanks been up and running with fish?

Sensamelia 08-14-2009 09:01 AM

I have had a couple green terrors, very cool fish. I love them, but they are the MOST territorial cichlid ive ever had, so i replaced one with a venestus, MAN those are really neat fish as well, they ARE aggressive but not as bad as the terror. Dempseys are WONDERFUL fish to keep i love them. And IM ALL FOR LIVE FEED! I love the excitement. LOL. I also had a jag and a dempsey living in the same tank jack was VERY large and JAg was about 5 inches long, and jack was at least 7 in a 100 gallon. They lived pretty peacful until i got a terror from hell. even the littlest of terrors can cause terror, ive noticed. But i think it really depends on what your willing to try b/c i think that all fish can be different despite what the others in the breed behave like. But ya that terror was replaced by a venestus. Very nice fish. Neat do you have poics of your big wonderful tank?

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