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xShadow91x 08-03-2009 10:48 PM

Starting a tetra/betta tank..
I am getting ready to start an new tank with a betta and about 3 black neon tetras. It will contain live java fern, plastic plants, and decorations to offer hiding places.

I already own the betta. His small tank has been cycling for a few weeks and should be done soon. When the cycling is complete, I want to prepare the new tank. The reason for this is because I would like to place the black neons in the new tank before the betta so that they can get used to it and the betta won't feel like intruders have come into his territory because it will all be new to him. However, the new tank needs to be cycled and black neons, like true neons, don't stand up to cycling well. So I want to try to do this as safely as possible for the black neons. :|

I have thought about purchasing Freshwater Biozyme from Petco to add bacteria to the tank. I also think that I could add the water, java fern, and a few rocks from the old already cycled tank to aid in cycling. I could use the old tank's filter media as well. Doing all this, with some time and patience, could I safely cycle the tank and add the black neons?

Thoughts/Ideas/Suggestions are welcomed. ;-)

Byron 08-04-2009 07:05 PM

On the cycling, you could set up the 10g tank with fresh water (don't use water from existing tanks, there is no value in this [as the bacteria colonize objects not water], quite the opposite because pathogens and waste will be entering the new tank unnecessarily) and add the established tank filter media, rocks, plants [bacteria will be living on/in all this], use a good biological supplement [I am not familiar with Biozyme but I have had excellent success with Seachem's "Stability" and Hagen/Nutrafin's "Cycle"] and add the three black neons at the same time. The bacteria on the rocks and in the filter and added via the supplement will handle the ammonia produced by the neons, and then the nitrite. Give the tank a week and if all is well, the betta can be added. You will probably not notice any ammonia or nitrite readings as the bacteria will be present in sufficient numbers to handle that produced by the three neons.

With respect to the betta and neons combination, I have read cautions about keeping bettas and tetras together, so I will leave this for the experienced betta keepers to comment.


xShadow91x 08-05-2009 11:47 AM

Thanks for your input. I feel more confidant now about cycling the tetras.

I have read a lot in the last week about combining bettas and tetras. Each fish tends to have its own personality, so it may be a win or a loss. That is why I have decided to start out with only 3 tetras so that I am not endangering the lives of a larger number of fish and it will be easier for me to rescue the 3 should I need to.

Byron 08-05-2009 11:57 AM

Just noticed one thing I overlooked earlier, that tetras are shoaling fish and should be kept in a group, minimum 5-6. They will be much less stressed in more numbers, and therefore less likely to take out frustration on the betta or each other. Several others have posted about 2-3 tetras acting aggressively, and the answer is always the same, there need to be more of them so they feel less stressed. In a 10g you could manage 5 with regular maintainance. However, starting out with 3 to cycle the tank is fine, then add a couple, then the Betta.

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