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bpm 08-03-2009 08:29 PM

new tank and mollies and fry dilema!
Hi,right here goes,I went to my local garden centre the other day to give my sister a few quid as she left her purse at home and I ended up walking out with a 120 liter tank inc in built heater filter,light,some gravel,and stress zyme and stress coat.I was informed I had to wait a week putting in the stress zyme every 2 days to begin with and after a week or so bring up a sample of the water to then begin all being well,to start to put a few fish in.I'm brand new to this so dont really know my arse from my elbow excuse the french but I have been searching on the net for all kinds of info re what fish are compatible types of community fish etc and have an idea of the fish I now want to add.
So went to another pet store to look at their fish only two days after, and the guy reckoned it'd be ok to put in a few mollies as he said they were a hardy fish and would help to cycle and mature the tank.I opted for 1 male and 3 females.
Now the fish are all doing well,so much so that the following day one of the females gave birth to about 40 or so fry.I couldnt bear to watch them all being eaten,so the following day I bought a breeder net and caught about 25 and they are all still doing well in it.My dilema now I spose is,should I just let natural selection take place,i.e. release them and let them run the gauntlet or wait till they are big enough to survive and then let them out.If I do the latter presuming they all survive in the breeder net I'm gonna have almost 30 mollies in there.
With regards to the water,it was cloudy to begin with but seems to be clearing,temperature is fairly constant at 25 degrees whatever that is in "F",I haven't changed any water as yet.Also in the tank are 7 live plants and a small piece of bogwood.I'm almost into day 6 at this stage and will get a sample tested on day 7 for amonia and nitrates etc but havent really got a clue about these as yet.
So what should I do release or try to grow them,all fish inc fry seem fine!
I would like to add some neon tetras maybe some rainbow and a bristlenose catfish eventually,any insight or thoughts on these would also be appreciated.Thanks for taking the time to read this!

redlessi 08-04-2009 08:22 PM

It depends if you want that many fish. You may want to check with your local fish store to see if they take fry. As for adding other fish, I would wait until the tank cycles first. To better understand this process look for articles on cycling a fish tank. Good Luck

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