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Piledriver 08-03-2009 02:56 PM

Tetra 29 gal Geluxe Kit questions

I live in Honduras and just bought me the above Kit. This was the only aquarium with a reasonable price I could find over here.
Now I have two questions:
1. It comes with a Tetra Whisper EX30 Filter and I am wondering if this Filter will be really enough for the Aquarium or if I should buy me a better one. As I travel once a month to the US it would be no problem to buy a new one(but I couldnt take with me a 29gal aquarium :-P ). Also there was no manual with the Filter, for example how often do I need to wash the filter, etc.
As we have a lot of power offs here it is important for me that when energy comes back, the filter keeps working, as I have read the EX30 does that.

2. It only comes with one 20W light and I am not sure if this will be enough light for the plants. The room where I will put the aquarium is not dark and it will be around 4m from a window.

I am planning to put in around 8 Neon, 2 Ancistrus spec. and 8 Colisa lalia (dont know the english words, sorry).

I will be thankful for any advices!

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