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Andyandsue 07-31-2009 01:47 PM

Tank problems, 2 dead/sick fish. Help!
Hi everyone. Haven't been here in a while. Here goes-

Background- 12 gallon tank for almost 3 years. No problems ever, to speak of.

About 1 month ago, I "helped" a friend who was moving by taking 2 giant danios and a platy for them. The giant danios were too big for my tank, I only kept them for 2 days. I called the pet shop where I get my fish from and they took them for me. The 2 days were awful for my fish though. They were so big and fast it was a very stressful event getting them in and out of the tank.

One month has gone by and everything was still fine.

We went away for a 2 night trip a few days ago. Giant Danios are gone, still have the Platy and my others (Zebra Danio, Rasboras, Golden White Clouds, Albino Corys and a shrimp). Everything is fine. Before we left I fed them. Gone for a full day, back yesterday afternoon, and I noticed one of my Rasboras was dead, and being eaten on the bottom. Uh-oh. There was no sign of disease or problems before we left, did I miss a dead fish since I left the light off?

We take the dead fish out, obviosuly, and I immediately tested the water. Ammonia was at 1.0! 0 Nitrite and 5 Nitrate. Crap! Was the ammonia high from the dead fish? Did the fish die from ammonia? Not sure. Did a water change immediately and claned filter, etc. Tested the water today and we have 0 ammonia, and between 0-5 Nitrate, which is the norm for my tank. With the ammonia stabilizing so quickly, it leads me to believe the dead fish caused the ammonia.

Now today the Platy was on the bottom, clamped fins. He looked "eh" to me yesterday but I couldn't put my finger on why. He just seemed to be swimming slower is the best way to describe it. I quickly set up my hospital tank for him and he is in there now on the bottom struggling.

I looked through the disease section and cannot figure out what could be causing fish to just die without any signs, other than that high ammonia which is also troubling me as to how that happened. I've had the Rasboras from the get-go almost 3 years old. The Platy is about a year old. Maybe it was just time for the Rasbora, which caused high ammonia, and caused the Platy problem?

Opinions and ideas please! Thank you. I feel terrible becuase my 7 year old daughter loved that Platy, and named it "Beautifish". :( SIGH.

jeaninel 07-31-2009 04:57 PM

It may have been the dead fish that caused the high ammonia.

I had a similar event happen a long time ago where I lost most of my Praecox rainbows and my severum to an unknown illness. There were no visible marks or anything on the fish themselves. They would just stay in one corner and not eat, then within a day or two they were having trouble swimming and shortly after would die suddenly. I never did figure out what the cause was. It was so frustrating to watch this happen to them one by one. Sorry I'm not much help. Just wanted to let you know you're not alone!

Andyandsue 07-31-2009 05:03 PM

I am now looking at the fish and I moved it a bit with my hand. It has lots of strength left to my surpirse. It just can't seem to swim, it's almost paralyzed, and is interested in eating. All of this leads me to believe that 1) the dead fish caused the ammonia, and 2) The platy might have swim bladder disease.

I just put 2 peas in the hospital tank along with a bit of epsom salt when I set it up. I figure if it makes it through the night, we may have some hope.

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