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enterprisedothan 07-31-2009 01:44 AM

ich problem!!!
anyways heres my situation. i just started this hobby. first i started with a 10g starter kit tank. brought some gold fish and 2 alge eater. 5 days later all die of ich. so i went out and buy 2 gold fish, 2 fan tail and 2 alge eater this time. 3 days later i start noticing sign of ich again. i did heavy research on curing them. got some salt, set temp to 83/84 degree. this is day one. i notice more white spot " i don't know if they are suppose to have more spot then disappear or just slow disappear". i have some question. lets just say these fish are cured and i have a main tank. if i put them in there would they infected the other fish?

Twistersmom 07-31-2009 08:24 AM

Do you have a water test kit? An API liquid water test kit would be a good one to have.

That many fish in a 10 gal, ammonia and nitrites can qiuckly spin out of control. Stress from poor water conditions, can make your fish highly susceptible to ick.

I would do daily water changes. Goldfish and algae eater are both messy fish, so daily 50% water changes would be a good plan. Try to keep both ammonia and nitrites under .25 ppm.

It is possible for healthy looking fish to spread ick to another tank when being moved, But ick is one of the easier problems to treat & these fish will need moved to a much larger tank or they will not have a long and healthy life.

Oldman47 08-09-2009 05:30 PM

Ich treatment can be easy and very effective. Have a look here for the full story on ich and how to treat it.

MoneyMitch 08-15-2009 02:19 PM

you might also want to look at the place you are buying the fish from. although this might not be where the fish are getting it from but look at all their tanks ask to look at everything you can even ask to see their sump setup. do all the fish at that store look healthy? if not how do they keep the sick fish quartined from the others? with your tank not going through its cycle and then you dropping in that many fish at a time also spells disaster. bad water parameters = sickness, stress and sometimes death. smaller tanks are harder to control water wise. so my advice to you is either do a fishless cycle first or get some cheap guppy feeders that way if they die off no loss and cycle your tank. then after its cycled do as you want with the guppys then go and GRADUALLY add new fish to your tank. water changes are VERY IM<PORTANT on a smaller tank such as 10 gallons as that is pretty much helps your fish survive through the very high toxins while your tank is cycleing


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